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You’ll be notified via the Spacemonkey Group on Facebook,
or my own Pages (MeJoysgate) there,
as well being active here with a note (like this one)
that will say “ACTIVE” in place of the highlighted text above.

For submissions:
my email,
or message me on FB,
with the J/D short story idea,
and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

Site Re-Do

Well … the theme of my website has finally been dropkicked off my site. While I loved the layout, the damn thing has given me nothing but headaches. It’s decided…

Some Fic FYIs

Semi-useful FYI I’ve been getting a few visits from people looking to read “Reality in Reverse”, but they’re getting a 404 message b/c it’s not housed on my site (it’s…

Selected Author Links

This is a short, curated list from about 2012.  Thought I’d lost it, but I didn’t. Here’s the link.  You’ll also find it in the menu under New and Links.…

The 2019 Jack/Daniel Promptathon

Princess of Geeks over at Dreamwidth has begun a long missed J/D Ficathon, only it’s in the form of a Promptathon.  People comment to her post with Prompts and we…

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