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For submissions:
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with the J/D short story idea,
and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

Writing Past and Present

Let’s be honest.  My Intervals series is far better than Intervals Betwixt.  My writing in Intervals is a bit less polished, but it’s still written far better than the later…

Added Intervals Betwixt

Just a notice saying the follow-up series to Intervals is up. For those that don’t know, it’s basically a series of short fics going through the episodes I skipped over…

Added Six Fics

In case anyone hasn’t read them at Archive of Our Own, here they are: Does it Count When You’re Drunk? Embers in Ash Out of Darkness Pulling Threads Fortune Favors…

Learning From Compy F-Ups & Phone Fees

Learning From Computer F-ups & phone fees. I had to reset the PC again last night and spent all morning installing and configuring. The reason: moving my downloaded fonts folder…

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a few wallpapers