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with the J/D short story idea,
and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

Why The Website?

Why the Website? Someone asked me why I have a website if ALL of my fics are housed at Archive of Our Own. The answer isn’t singular.  I had my…

A Few New Things

No, not fic.  Not yet. Site changes. The look I have now is kinda growing on me, but I can’t change the colors of the font highlights or buttons unless…

This theme is temporary

 Its support is lackluster (doesn’t tell me what the feature image sizes are and there’s No Support page outside of WordPress.org). >:(  The menu doesn’t scroll down, putting a serious…

Chosen Header

I couldn’t leave this so-called temp theme alone.  I had to make a header (a vertical one).  The first one was okay, but the pics in it were half-hidden, so…
JackDaniel Collage_slider

Missing: Slider Headers

So. In choosing this theme as a half-way decent stand-in, I’ve found that it has Featured Images, but not Sliders (which were full-width headers).  I should’ve known, given the vertical…

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