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You’ll be notified via the Spacemonkey Group on Facebook,
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as well being active here with a note (like this one)
that will say “ACTIVE” in place of the highlighted text above.

For submissions:
my email,
or message me on FB,
with the J/D short story idea,
and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

Doctor Daniel Jackson Linguist

Image Gallery Styles

Please forgive the mess.  As soon as I can, I’ll be buying ($19) a specific gallery layout.  What it will do is give you a lightbox that has a download…

A Few Alterations

First, the header had to go.  Replaced it with the new Logo.  Changed the site icon.  Will have to change it again until it’s easily seen. Second, I altered the…
JackDaniel Collage_slider

Updates: Wall Graphics & Font

In making new wallpapers, I wanted to create a whole new angle, if not a new look, using a semi-genuine SG-1 logo that gets placed on all of them. WALL…

Beneath His Surface Art SNAFU

I meant to remove the images, reupload them, then put them on a new page. I didn’t do it right away so a visitor didn’t get to see what they…

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a few wallpapers