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and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

My Fiction is Up

I’ve created a subdomain, fiction.joysgate.com.  It’s a selection of my stories, both standalones and six series (including The Trinity Universe).  It’s all still at Archive of Our Own, but in…

Removed For Later

Had one “fic” on the site, “Stargate SG-1 Alternate Episode Endings.”  It’s now gone.  The reason is that I’m building a fiction subdomain.  I’ll house some of my fic, not…

Fonts & Theme

 Found a new font.  It’s called Tauri.  Changed the theme again because the others weren’t cooperating with mobile layouts.  I think it’s settled now.  The only images to see are…
Trilogy 5 Ravens Skin graphic

Fiction Wallpaper: Trilogy 5

Couldn’t find the psd (photoshop) file for Trilogy 5 (or any of the chapters in the Trinity Universe, which for newbies means chapters under Visits, Trinity, and Trilogy).  So over…

Apologies for 404s from AO3

Sigh.  Apologies for anyone who has clicked on the link “Voyeur: Prologue” on AO3 and found the goddamn 404.  I fixed it. I WOULD REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE NOTICES ON 404s.…

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a few wallpapers