New Fic: Awakening

New Fic: Awakening J/D, Explicit Summary: After the events in “The Serpent’s Lair,” Daniel realizes how he feels about Jack.

Daniel WP “Awakening”

This is a wallpaper I made for inspiration, putting it on the desktop while I try to grind out a short story about Daniel realizing how he really feels about Jack.  This fic takes place between “The Serpent’s Lair” and “In the Line of Duty.”

My Fiction is Up

I’ve created a subdomain,  It’s a selection of my stories, both standalones and six series (including The Trinity Universe).  It’s all still at Archive of Our Own, but in the case of the Trinity Universe’s Trinity and Trilogy series, they’ve been renumbered and a few have been renamed.

Removed For Later

Had one “fic” on the site, “Stargate SG-1 Alternate Episode Endings.”  It’s now gone.  The reason is that I’m building a fiction subdomain.  I’ll house some of my fic, not all of it.  Standalones, Two-Parters, and four series: Intervals, Intervals Betwixt, Snap Shots, and the Trinity Universe, which is technically three, so seven series.

Fonts & Theme

 Found a new font.  It’s called Tauri.  Changed the theme again because the others weren’t cooperating with mobile layouts.  I think it’s settled now.  The only images to see are the ones you want to see (wallpaper galleries).  Changed the Logo to accommodate the new theme/look.  It looks nice and clean and readable now.