Welcome to the New Joysgate

This site is now a Blog Journal with SG-1 flavoring once in a while.  Like talking about SG-1 plot devices for both the series and my fanfic.

This was originally a site fully dedicated to Stargate SG-1, my favorite fandom.  But over time, two things interfered with it: money and health.

Money: A fully comprehensive site dedicated to SG-1 wallpapers wasn’t feasible. And frankly, I’d rather link to much better websites, and ones I visit frequently.  When it comes to my fiction, I just made a new website for it, mostly as an artistic backup to the fiction housed on a fandom archive called Archive Of Our Own, or AO3.

Health: My wrist no longer lets me manipulate a pen or mouse to sit and create elaborate images for a while, such as making SG-1 wallpapers.  I’ve stuck to creating collage wallpapers and no matter how pretty the background and how much the fans like the images, it’s still BORING.

There’s a money angle as well, in that I need a new computer with better graphical RAM.  I use Photoshop exclusively and over time, it requires more power from a GPU, which I don’t have.  That leaves me to sticking to basic functions, not elaborate designs.  I am now mostly devoted to creating AI Art.  See my DeviantArt site.

So, to quote Duke Leto Atreides from Dune, “Here I am.  Here I remain.”  Situation depending.

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