Stargate SG-1 Episode List

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Stargate SG-1 Episode List
Ep #Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Season 6Season 7Season 8Season 9Season 10
1Children of the Gods 1
The Serpent’s LairInto The FireSmall VictoriesEnemiesRedemption 1
FallenNew OrderAvalonFlesh and Blood
2Children of the Gods 2
In The Line of DutySethThe Other SideThresholdRedemption 2
HomecomingNew OrderAvalonMorpheus
3The Enemy WithinPrisonersFair GameUpgradesAscensionDescentFragile BalanceLockdownOriginThe Pegasus Project
4EmancipationThe GamekeeperLegacyCrossroadsThe Fifth ManFrozenOrpheusZero HourThe Ties that BindInsiders
5Broca DivideNeedLearning CurveDivide & ConquerRed SkyNightwalkersRevisionsIconThe Powers that BeUninvited
6First CommandmentThor’s ChariotPoint of ViewWindow of OpportunityRite of PassageAbyssLifeboatAvatarBeachhead200
7Cold LazarusMessage in a BottleDeadman SwitchWatergateBeast of BurdenShadowplayEnemy MineAffinityEx Deus MachinaCounterstrike
8The NoxFamilyDemonsThe First OnesThe TombThe Other GuysSpace RaceCovenantBabylonMomento Mori
9Brief CandleSecretsRules of EngagementScorched EarthBetween Two FiresAllegianceAvenger 2.0SacrificesPrototypeCompany of Thieves
10Thor’s HammerBaneForever in a DayBeneath the Surface2001CureBirthrightEnd GameThe Fourth Horseman 1
The Quest
11The Torment of TantalusThe Tok’ra 1
Past and PresentPoint of No ReturnDesperate MeasuresPrometheusEvolution 1GeminiThe Fourth Horseman 2
The Quest
12BloodlinesThe Tok’ra 2
Jolinar’s MemoriesTangentWormhole XtremeUnnatural SelectionEvolution 2Prometheus UnboundCollateral DamageLine in the Sand
13Fire & WaterSpiritsThe Devil You KnowThe CurseProving GroundSight UnseenGraceIt’s Good to be KingRipple EffectThe Road Not Taken
14HathorTouchstoneFootholdSerpent’s Venom48 HoursSmoke & MirrorsFalloutFull AlertStrongholdThe Shroud
15SingularityThe Fifth RacePretenseChain ReactionSummitParadise LostChimeraCitizen JoeEthonBounty
16Cor’aiA Matter of TimeUrgo2010Last StandMetamorphosisDeath KnellReckoning 1
Off the GridBad Guys
17SolitudesHolidayA Hundred DaysAbsolute PowerFailsafeDisclosureHeroesReckoning 2
The ScourgeTalion
18EnigmaSerpent’s SongShades of GreyThe LightThe WarriorForsakenHeroesThreadsArthur’s MantleFamily Ties
19TinmanOne False StepNew GroundProdigyMenaceChangelingResurrectionMoebiusCrusadeDominion
20There But For The Grace of God
Show and TellMaternal InstinctEntityThe SentinelMomentoInaugurationMoebiusCamelotUnending
21Politics1969Crystal SkullDouble JeopardyMeridianProphecyLost City 1
22Within The Serpent’s LairOut of MindNemesisExodusRevelationsFull CircleLost City 2