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Series Summary:  Snap Shots is a series of short stories that range from tidbits from the other series I’ve written to new one-offs.  Some will be explicitly sexual, and some won’t.

As of 6/8/2019, there are only two written, but as you can see from the slider/header, there are five polaroids, which means 3 more stories will be added.  As the stories increase, so will the snapshots.

Note: If the Snap Shot of Talen (from the Trinity Universe) in the header seems vaguely familiar, and you’re a fan of the Underworld vampire/lycan film series, it’s because I’ve decided that Talen looks like Selene, and the image was taken from a film poster for Underworld 5. (I began writing these vamps long before I saw Underworld 1, so the assignment is after the fact; just sayin’)

Snap Shots 1: It Started With a Shower

This is a 1st person POV, from Daniel, taken from Visits 1, where his friendship with Major Jason Coburn, head of SG-2, is taken to the next level, thanks to a little shower scene in the locker room.

Snap Shots 2: Shiny Objects

This is a story taken from the Trilogy part of the Trinity Universe.  The vampires, Adriann and his sister Talen are on Earth and have been taken to the local mall in Colorado Springs.  It’s a case of being *way* out of your own element, and Talen, the focal point of the story, gets distracted in a really bird-like fashion.

Snap Shots 3: Memory Test

Jack’s been waiting for Daniel to remember them, but he’s tired of waiting.  It’s time kickstart his memory with a test.


Stories to come:

The three other snapshots are from Deadman Switch, Upgrades, and Homecoming.  They may be written/released in order, they may not.  It depends on the bunnies’ cooperation.

Deadman Switch:  Flirting – There’s an argument about Aris Bok flirting with Daniel.  Jack thinks he did.  Daniel thinks he didn’t.

Upgrades:  Rapid Response – There’s a time out while they’re getting used to their powers, and it’s in a storage room.

Homecoming:  It All Came Rushing Back – There’s the two-week window during the episode where that X302 has to be taken apart and sent thru the gate, then reassembled and tested.  So while that’s going on, there’s this 3-day lag, and some downtime for Daniel, during which, Jack decides he’s sick of Daniel’s memory taking its sweet-ass time coming back.

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