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These J/D authors used to be in my menu links long before I moved to a WordPress site (around 2012, I think) and after a computer crash, I thought I’d lost it all.  But I found them on CD while looking for old graphics.  I hope you find them useful while looking for new works to read.  They aren’t “new”, but they might be for you. 🙂

These authors had their own sites(or were at SG forum sites), but after they moved, no one could find them.  Thankfully, they moved to AO3, so yay! 🙂

To the Spacemonkey group on Facebook:  Any authors there who aren’t on this list aren’t absent on purpose.  If you want to suggest authors, comment on this page.  Or DM me on FB. 🙂

Readers:  If you have an author rec not on this list, please comment to have me add it here.

DVS (Danvers/Svendra)IvorygatesXochiquetzlXimeriaKeiko KirinGreen GrrlJDjunkie
Princess of GeeksJane DavittZats ClearTejasPaianFabrisseAstolat
FreyasboyDestinaSelenaySeanchaidhCatspawThe Angst Archive (issues of consent) (I put this here b/c some fics are about resisting natural desires)Teand’s The Compound

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