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For submissions:
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with the J/D short story idea,
and always with a happy ending.
These are “comfort” stories for bedtime.

JD Facebook Cover 2

Art Added: A Jack Daniel FB Cover

To begin the art section, have made a Jack/Daniel Facebook cover.  Unfortunately, I forgot that the lower left pic is hidden by the user’s icon.  Will have to design a…

Would More Content Be Nice?

Or, Would Old Content Be Worth Bringing Back? * * * Once upon a time, back in 1998, I started my website(sans domain) to share my love of SG-1 and…

“Second Wind” is online

Howdy.  Second Wind, in its entirety, went through a pretty good edit, fixing errors and taking out most contractions within exposition.  I put the story through three grammar checkers: Word,…

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a few wallpapers