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  • J/D Promptathon: When the World is Upside-Down
    Prompt:  “Episode tag to Season 5 “Menace”. What did Jack say to Daniel when they first spoke after the events of this episode? How did they patch up their friendship? Angst and established relationship would be great.”
    What I’m writing: It is based on the following comment from Jack to Daniel after Reece has thrown him against a bookcase: I don’t like most of what you say. I try to resist the urge to shove you through a wall.”
    Jack and Daniel have been in a relationship for about 6 months. It’s primarily about sex.

    Everyone has been put on mandatory leave and Jack has taken off without a word to anyone but Hammond.
    Daniel has given Hammond his resignation. He won’t work under someone who harbors a desire to hurt him. If what Jack said was a joke, he didn’t find it the least bit funny.
    Hammond asks Daniel to think twice about resigning, but when Hammond can’t give him another assignment on the base, Daniel departs for Abydos.
    It’s two weeks before Jack comes to see him.
    This story will be finished soon.


  • Another Life (title might be changed): Another mirror story, this one featuring Jack as the guy whose universe has gone to hell and he’s looking for a way out. He was married to Daniel, and Daniel was murdered, along with everyone else he cared about.  In the new universe, Jack had only just told him he loved him before dying of the Ancients’ disease (no saving by a Tok’ra–and of course, Daniel never died of radiation poisoning so he was there). Jack and Daniel are automatically in love with the other, seeing their dead loved one, and it’s up to them to see the new person they’re attracted to, not the one who died.  Other stuff happens, like Hammond deciding how to keep Jack in this universe and still be Jack O’Neill.
  • I put up three DRAFT chapters on my website under “Another Dark Side” (I think that was the temp title), but when my website started acting up, I had to find a new host and I deleted everything. I’d already changed the title of the copy on my hard drive (and external plus OneDrive), so I *think* “Another Dark Side” was the title.
  • At present, it’s only 1/3 done.  It’ll be another long one, like Second Wind.


New and Old


  • Intervals Betwixt (continuing; I’ve got a LOT of work to do)
  • Snapshots (continuing; I only have two up, but more await being finished)
  • NEW: Stargate Synthesis : based on the world from Second Wind, where Jack, Daniel, and others move to the Omega base)
  • NEW: Vignettes : exactly what it means; a series of shorts involving a single scene

I *had* planned on rewriting the Trinity Universe.  I’ve changed my mind.  There’re other ideas about a parallel universe instead.


(all new)

All of these stories exist, with initial content written, but nothing else was done.  That happens when RL interferes or the dreaded Plot Bunny goes on walkabout.

  • A Dream (what it means)​
  • A Long Life — Where Jack or Daniel have come across an immortality spell (I’ve been leaning on Jack lately, but I haven’t made up my mind)
  • A Study of Hell (what if the planet is destroyed?)
  • Blank Slate (yep, you guessed it; someone loses their memory)
  • Carpe Noctem (Seize The Night : it’s a vampire tale)
  • Club (not the venue, but a bludgeon)
  • Despoiled (someone gets violated)
  • Journaling (someone’s got a blog)
  • The Letter (Jack writes Daniel a letter after he dies))
  • Light and Shadow (Good and Bad days)
  • Magnet & Steel (I love the song/title, so it’s about attraction)
  • Mind Over Matter (a tale about telekinesis)
  • Mindful (a tale about telepathy)
  • Not Until Your Dying Breath (aftermath of Meridian/Threads)
  • Observations in the Abyss (Jack’s thoughts during Abyss)
  • Old and New (after Homecoming)
  • Omega (the other idea from Second Wind)
  • One of Our Own (Why Camulus looks so familiar)
  • Skill Sets (or “Survival”, where Jack is stranded & has to find his own way home)
  • Taxi (Daniel’s in a cab and he gets a series of texts)
  • The Goodbye Letter (a post-Meridian tale where Jack has a letter delivered)
  • The Mental Break (a different ending to Legacy)
  • Through a Glass Darkly (observations after Forever & a Day/Past & Present)
  • Time (it’s run out)
  • What’s Past is Prologue (how Jack realizes he’s been burying his attraction to Daniel)
  • Worlds Away (A tale of two journals–Daniel’s and Jack’s–after the two have been separated after Threads)


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