Future Plans For Intervals Betwixt

1)  Took me a while to list the eps I’d already done in Intervals.  I hadn’t written them all down, but at least I had the sanity (aka, wisdom) to write down the ep that’s covered in the postings on AO3.

2)  I’ll take this opportunity, too, to apologize for not doing Betwixt episodes in official episode order.  I just kind of went with what was in my head.  Annoyingly, I’d **forgotten** what eps I’d already done, so new scenes in my head had to be set aside in a pile short standalone episode-fics.

3)  This’ll be subject to change, all thanks to mutant plot bunny rebellions.

4)  For anyone who doesn’t know about the original, you can find Intervals on AO3 here, as well as the Betwixt (which was my answer to “What the hell was I thinking, skipping these episodes?”).  The latter will eventually be on this website.



Intervals & Intervals Betwixt
Covered In IntervalsCovered So Far in Intervals BetwixtTo Be Covered in Intervals Betwixt
Broca Divide1 Thor’s Hammer6 Cold Lazarus
Fire and Water2 The Torment of Tantalus7 Tinman
Hathor3 Lost City (Dear Jack)8 There But For the Grace of God
Serpent’s Lair4 Solitudes9 Prisoners
Need5 SGA Rising10 The Gamekeeper
Secrets 11 The Fifth Race
Holiday 12 Point of View
Into the Fire 13 Deadman Switch
Legacy 14 Past and Present
Forever in a day 15 The Devil You Know
Hundred Days 16 Tangent
Shades of Grey 17 2010
Maternal Instinct 18 The Tomb
Crystal Skull 19 Between Two Fires
Nemesis 20 2001
Small Victories 21 Last Stand
The Other Side 22 Full Circle Dear Jack II
Upgrades 23 Enemy Mine
Divide and conquer 24 Chimera
Window of Opp 25 Lockdown
The First Ones 26 Zero Hour
Scorched Earth 27 Icon
Beneath the Surface  
The Curse  
Absolute Power  
The Light  
Double Jeopardy  
Beast of Burden  
Last Stand  
Fragile Balance  
Avenger 2.0/Birthright  
New Order  
Prometheus Unbound  
When Jack Left the SGC/Show:  
Ripple Effect  
Off the Grid  
The Shroud