Website and Fanfic Update

Howdy. 🙂 After some serious thought, I’ve removed my fics and created links for them instead.  AO3 is the preferred method for interaction of any kind with my fics (and with others), so having them here with zero interaction is a waste of time and resources. What I’m going to do instead is house old …

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Why The Website?

Why the Website? Someone asked me why I have a website if ALL of my fics are housed at Archive of Our Own. The answer isn’t singular.  I had my website long before AO3 showed up and I don’t want to throw it away.  I house/used to house more than fic:  Wallpapers. (there’ll be a …

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Selected Author Links

This is a short, curated list from about 2012.  Thought I’d lost it, but I didn’t. Here’s the link.  You’ll also find it in the menu under New and Links. Author List

Fan Links Are Up

Hi!  The fan links page is finally up.  It contains fandom info links, actor sites, fan fiction sites, and myths & science.  I hope you find them useful.