Fic Announcements

New Fic: Awakening

New Fic: Awakening J/D, Explicit Summary: After the events in “The Serpent’s Lair,” Daniel realizes how he feels about Jack.

New Fic Announcement: Snapshots 3

Hi.  Thought I’d get back into writing with a short piece.  J/D, post-Homecoming.  Jack’s gonna try to kickstart Daniel’s memory.  Feedback is welcome. Snap Shots 3: Memory Test It’s also up at AO3

Snap Shots Series Added

It ain’t much to crow about.  It’s just little stories that come to me.  Have a look if you’re curious, but there’s only two up, out of the five planned (there should be more), and the second story (Not J/D, but there’s alluding to them) actually needs some serious polish, so consider it a draft.  …

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