Added Six Fics

In case anyone hasn’t read them at Archive of Our Own, here they are: Does it Count When You’re Drunk? Embers in Ash Out of Darkness Pulling Threads Fortune Favors the Bold The Time Has Come   None of them are new, except for being on the website, but they’re among the newest I’ve written …

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Learning From Compy F-Ups & Phone Fees

Learning From Computer F-ups & phone fees. I had to reset the PC again last night and spent all morning installing and configuring. The reason: moving my downloaded fonts folder from the external to the main drive in combination of installing MainType (font manager) caused my graphics card to go ballistic. Sigh. One culprit identified …

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Added The Voyeur Series with Graphics

So the 10-part Voyeur series is already at Archive of Our Own, but it doesn’t contain a graphical insert for Chapter 1’s journal entries.  Nor does it contain an image for a cellphone text.  This copy does. WARNING: 1.  Daniel isn’t with Jack at the beginning, but they eventually get together. 2.  It’s sexually explicit …

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Art Added: A Jack Daniel FB Cover

To begin the art section, have made a Jack/Daniel Facebook cover.  Unfortunately, I forgot that the lower left pic is hidden by the user’s icon.  Will have to design a new one, but this one will do for now. 🙂