New Wallpaper

New Wallpaper:  J/D Early Years

Updates: Wall Graphics & Font

In making new wallpapers, I wanted to create a whole new angle, if not a new look, using a semi-genuine SG-1 logo that gets placed on all of them. WALL TEMPLATES I have several design templates ready to be used.  They won’t match the old Blue ones except in backgrounds I’ve made that will have …

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Beneath His Surface Art SNAFU

I meant to remove the images, reupload them, then put them on a new page. I didn’t do it right away so a visitor didn’t get to see what they wanted. *wince* All better now.  But the pic designs will change.  I’ll upload the new and leave the old.  Just in case my idea of …

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Design Found

And it’s free.  Hope you like it. Here’s Daniel.  Just Because.