Just an FYI for anyone curious about how charts are configured…
Imagine twelve lines branching out into the universe from where you’re standing. These are “houses.” Their lines depend on the time of day and location. The position of the 1st house is determined by the constellation that rises on the left horizon at the time of your birth. Generally, they’re 30° apart. (x12 = 360.).  In the chart, you’ll see the numbers by planets, houses. They correspond to the 30° per house/constellation/sign.  For example, Daniel’s Sun is at 15° 48″(minutes) Cancer.
Imagine dotted lines coming To You from the planets (moon, sun, asteroids are considered “planets”). Where the planetary bodies sit in the universe/solar system relative to you is interactive–how they behave toward one another & you. These are called “aspects”. An aspect is valid +/- by 8°. A trine aspect, for example, is 120°. A square is 90°. Conjunctions and oppositions are self-explanatory.
There are also 4 quarters: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Nadir. Ascendant is the 0° 1st house, based on the rising constellation on the left. Midheaven is “noon,” or directly over your head at the time of your birth. Descendant/Nadir are opposites of those positions, respectively. Everything above the Ascendant/Descendant is Day. Below, it’s Night.
When anyone/everyone says astrology is bullshit b/c we’re not influenced by planets, consider that we’re heavily influenced by the moon & sun every minute of every day. The sun has a powerful influence on the planet, as does the moon.
Examples: Our planet isn’t symmetrical. It has a slight bulge wherever the moon is. Its gravitational pull is too strong. It controls the water on the planet (tides, for example) and everything associated with the water (fish, for example). Consider also that its the sole reason our planet sits where it does. The sun has a strong gravitational pull on the planet. Along with Earth’s magnetic core, it decides the spin and rotation (day/year).
Effects from the universe also affect us. A random solar ejection (not flare) from the sun could kill us all at any time. The same applies to gamma ray bursts from certain stars.
Do you think we escape the effects of these planetary bodies? Now, that said, interpreting these effects can be seen as conjecture, but they’re based upon years of study.
Astronomy owes its math and record-keeping data to astrological keepers (astrologists, not astrologers), so it’s always bothered me that they’ve refused to acknowledge it. It must be the Saturn in them.
Your chart has 3 major points: Sun, Moon, Ascendant. Daniel is Cancer, Scorpio, Aries. Jack is Libra, Scorpio, Libra. Sun represents your personality. Moon represents your emotions, and the Ascendant represents your appearance and Id. “Sun Sign Astrology” isn’t astrology. It’s a gimmick. You share your sun sign with several hundred million other people, so it’s not exactly specific to you without the Moon and the Ascendant. At the time of your birth, you may share similar chart points with others, but it’s rare to have someone born at the same time, day, and place as you.