Introducing MICROS: the journey of Jack & Daniel.

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These are the post-episode vignettes of Jack & Daniel in my version of micro fiction: 4 pages (or 1,200 words) or less per episode. Most of the half-pages or full single pages will be consolidated into one Micros chapter (so people won’t get annoyed). Technically, it’s flash fiction, not micro, since it’s over 500 words and less than 1,500, but I’m calling it Micro.

The stories only include the episodes where both of them appear, and where their relationship is highlighted or something has happened to one of them. Certain episodes have been excluded for that reason. Nearly all of season 6 is ignored(no Daniel), as are seasons 9 & 10(no Jack).

NOTE: Timeline has been advanced from ’97 to 2010 to take advantage of smartphone tech. Craigslist, however, started up in ’95 so it’s plausible, had I not advanced the timeline.