1. Got a whole new look. Bought a theme that’s Sci-fi-ish. (sounds like selfish, which it is)
  2. Working on two fics.
    1. ReAwakening, the sequel to Awakening, taking place after Homecoming. Jack and Daniel aren’t together, though Jack wishes they were–a sharp contrast to what they *weren’t* prior to Daniel’s death. Jack had pushed him away, afraid of what would happen if he truly let himself commit to a gay relationship with his ‘former’ best friend. He’d pushed Daniel away in more than one way. Then Daniel died and his guilt magnified into auto-rejecting anyone who dared to take his place. Now Daniel’s back and Jack wants him to remember their relationship, but before he’d cocked it up. Trouble is, Daniel’s memory is and isn’t selective.
    2. Alive. Daniel’s been gone for a long time, having disappeared during a mission. But they didn’t know what happened to him and what happened was sickening and outrageous.

While I work on these, I’m also working on new wallpaper designs. We’ll see what happens.