In making new wallpapers, I wanted to create a whole new angle, if not a new look, using a semi-genuine SG-1 logo that gets placed on all of them.


I have several design templates ready to be used.  They won’t match the old Blue ones except in backgrounds I’ve made that will have a pattern over an event horizon (or wormhole travel tunnel).  The film/showtime intro design lines of Amun Ra’s throne or the Star Map.

Since there weren’t any full photos of the designs, I had to make them (did it a long time ago).  Recently (about two years ago or so), I found that someone had incorporated the stars on the map, so I borrowed those positions–and I’d give proper credit but I have yet to find the author in all the image searches.  When I find out who it was, I will, I promise.

Those patterns are taken from:

  1.  The Film and Showtime intro design that decorates the top of Amun Ra’s (the dark blue-black figure) throne.  Took a while using Illustrator.
  2.  The Stargate SG-1 Star Map that sits in the Control Room as well as decorating Hammond’s Briefing Room/Office window.

HISTORY LESSON ASIDE: I call the blue-black figure “Amun Ra” because he strongly resembles Tutankhamun (not Tutankhamen), who broke with tradition and worshiped only one god (Amun Ra) instead of the entire Egyptian pantheon.  He was murdered for it.  His mother was Nefertiri (Nefertiti)(But this may be in error and I’m remembering another woman instead), who ruled Egypt as a Pharoah until Tut came of age, and when he did come of age, she made him wait.  She was the only woman Pharoah, and she was allowed because she basically dressed like a man, thus transforming herself into one.  She wasn’t the first Trans rule though.  That doesn’t apply.



The font used in the Title for the film, Stargate, wasn’t completed borrowed by Showtime and the series’ The Powers That Be (TPTB).  The TV series’ producers sort of half-assed it in creating their own, and it wasn’t due to any proprietary issues (they used the film music).  Then sometime during the hiatus between the 5th and 6th seasons, when Showtime cancelled the series and the Sci-Fi Channel bought the rights, TPTB changed the logo again, as did MGM, placing a line between Stargate and SG-1, and instead of a dash in SG-1, it became a raised period.  BUT, they kept the same Intro used in Syndication, which became meaningless after season 3, but Sci-Fi (which changed to SyFy b/c the stupid network thought that Sci-Fi was too Geeky; morons) changed the Intro after season 7.

POINT is, I wanted the Film Logo, so it took me a while to find the font that matches best.  It’s called, ironically, Medici, but if you go looking for it, most of the free sites have a Blackletter version named Medici, which is not the right one.

The film’s Logo is this (screencap from the film, which doesn’t resemble the DVD art):

Here’s the result after finding the correct font:

I had to squash it a bit and widen the spacing between the letters (via Photoshop).  Only the R is not a complete match.  The bottom extender of the R doesn’t extend as far in the Medici font.

And I’m sure none of you wanted to know all of this stuff, but I’m writing about it to give you a glimpse about the work required in creating wallpapers. 🙂


I’ve stalled on my fics, so I’m making walls instead.  It usually gets my creative writing restarted, though that time spent can go from a day to several weeks.

Cross your fingers that the Plot Bunny hasn’t robbed the bank and disappeared a la DB Cooper.