I got this idea for a J/D Beneath the Surface wallpaper as I was trawling through my screencaps of the episode.  And as I was making the wallpaper, the idea for an accompanying fic came with it.  So, I’m just now starting it now that the wall is decorating my desktop.

“Beneath His Surface”

Summary:  Jack’s animosity at Daniel is in response to Daniel rebuffing a loving gesture from Jack.  Jack turns to Sam for friendly comfort.  It’s then Daniel’s job to make amends.  When they get their memories back enough to know that they had been in a relationship beforehand, Jack realizes that the reason Daniel rebuffed him was Jack’s standing order to never, ever show PDAs.  Even with the brain stamp, Daniel was following the man’s wishes.  Jack now thinks that maybe he was overreacting, but it’s almost too late: he finds out that the reason their relationship had been straining just before the mission was because Daniel hated hiding and resented Jack’s command.