Why the Website?

Someone asked me why I have a website if ALL of my fics are housed at Archive of Our Own.

The answer isn’t singular.

  1.  I had my website long before AO3 showed up and I don’t want to throw it away.
  2.  I house/used to house more than fic:
      1.  Wallpapers. (there’ll be a lot more once I’ve bought my new theme)
      2.  Icons:  I used to belong to Live Journal once upon a time so I put up a lot of LJ icons.  I could still do that if a lot of authors and visitors used Dreamwidth (the better alternative to LJ), but the site isn’t used as much as FB is.  I’m in the process of making FB headers.  Presently, I only have two (but only one is displayed here and on FB).  But I eventually left, long after a mass exodus of others in the fandom, b/c LJ was bought by a suspicious Russian corp & abuse of censorship was rampant–like the nude J/D art some made, and the full posting of sexually graphic fics.  I always figured that if your site houses users from the U.S., then the constitutional rights we enjoy should be honored, but Russia didn’t see it that way.
      3.  Stargate SG-1 Graphics, such as Fonts(one of which I created) and technical drawings/show images (like the patches the teams wear).
  3.  I like to have my headers properly displayed (when I have a decent layout) and to be able to read the stories in a different layout (it’s handy for editing/betaing).

Regarding #3(about betaing use), I’m setting up a staging site so I can properly test some stuff like themes (such as the WordPress theme I’m going to buy next month) and plugins (like galleries, menus, social media sharing, security, backup, etc) without mucking up the install and leaving a bunch of stranded code when plugins or themes are deleted b/c they didn’t give me what I wanted or they were buggy.

To most of you, that paragraph above didn’t make any sense.

Here’s one that will …


I’m creating a fictional subdomain website called Boyz, and its purpose is to have my Trinity boyz post entries like an online journal.  They’re doing it because their physical journals have either gotten lost or destroyed (and b/c a certain friend of theirs suggested creating an online journal so it wouldn’t get lost).  It’s like creating a new sub-series within the Trinity Universe (a la Visits/Trinity/Trilogy) but it’s in the form of a website instead of fic stories that can be housed elsewhere–which could technically be accomplished by just having a new series (Boyz) and the fics (posts) under that.

When I’ve gotten enough journal entries, I’ll post the link to the new site. 🙂

P.S., it isn’t boyz.com b/c believe it or not, that’s a site for sex models.