Semi-useful FYI

I’ve been getting a few visits from people looking to read “Reality in Reverse”, but they’re getting a 404 message b/c it’s not housed on my site (it’s at AO3).

So I wanted to say a couple of things about that.

1. The link is from, which doesn’t have a way of contacting the person in charge of the website so I can have my fiction links redirected.

2. I’ve edited my 404 notice so it now says that if you’ve arrived at a 404 b/c a fic link doesn’t work, then you should go to my AO3 site (and I have a link to go there). This may no longer be the case, since I switched themes.

3. I think I’ll house Reality in Reverse at the website. What I found disturbing is that I didn’t have a .doc of it on my hard drive, just an html version (for when I had an html site, not a WordPress one). So I’ve got some editing to do to get the code up to snuff for WordPress.

For anyone wanting to know what Reality in Reverse is:

It’s seven years after season 7’s Fragile Balance.
Clone Jack (who’s changed his full name) has been having issues with the NID and he’s run to Daniel for help. He’s 23 year old. Daniel’s 46. Twice his age. But shit happens anyway. I do not treat Jack or Sam nicely in this story, nor in its sequel, Reality in Spades. It’s the Only Time in 18 years of writing J/D where I’ve succumbed to Sam/Jack bashing.