I couldn’t leave this so-called temp theme alone.  I had to make a header (a vertical one).  The first one was okay, but the pics in it were half-hidden, so I made another.  I think it looks good, but you’re the ones who’ll say whether it sucks, and whether it’ll induce visitors to come back.  I suppose that’s the entire point.

Secondary Annoyance Cropped Up

My keyboard died.  Grabbed one I’d bought a while back but never used, so I’m trying to get used to it (Logitech wireless K350).  Its keys are noisier, which is off-putting but I’ll get used to it.  If I want to replace my dead keyboard (Logitech K800, Illuminated keyboard with near silent keys) with one just like it, it’ll cost about $60.  Sigh.  When I had the money 7 years ago, I didn’t pay attention to the price.  Typical.