Princess of Geeks over at Dreamwidth has begun a long missed J/D Ficathon, only it’s in the form of a Promptathon.  People comment to her post with Prompts and we writers can grab up any that take our fancy.

What’s funny is that there are two prompts I’d already written stories for.  One is in Intervals (post-Menace), and the other is chapter 3 of the Visits series (within the Trinity Universe AU).  The first is angsty stuff and the second is how Jack realizes his feelings for Daniel only after he sees him with another man.  In Visits, it’s seeing Daniel at a restaurant and then seeing him kiss his boyfriend as he’s walking up to Daniel’s front door.

Feel free to read that baby, but start from the beginning.  I think I did a good job. 🙂

As for Intervals.  I don’t think I did that post-Menace episode justice so I’m tackling it again.  It’s called “When the World is Upside-down.”  I’ve got 9 pages done.  It’s really angsty and sad, but it’ll get all happy by the end.  The premise is from Daniel’s pov (3rd person) (and b/c Jack’s not talking to me) and he and Jack had been in a relationship for six months.  He’s handed in his resignation but Hammond’s not accepting it until Daniel’s fully thought the matter through.  The team is on a type of de-stressor leave but Hammond doesn’t want Daniel to take 30 days to make up his mind.  He wants an answer soonest.

At issue is the tone of the episode from the get-go, and the unraveling of Jack’s bizarre assholery.  My slant is a type of self-loathing panic attack from Jack (though you won’t read about that angle until the third chapter (there are only three).

So, wish me luck.  I hope it reads well and not a big ol’ mushy piece of you-know-what.