Let’s be honest.  My Intervals series is far better than Intervals Betwixt.  My writing in Intervals is a bit less polished, but it’s still written far better than the later addition.

Back then, I was a Bitch with a honkin’ big, huge, gargantuan B.  My libido was also in high gear.  I wrote a Lot of sex in my stories.  I got better over time, especially with exposition, though nothing really to write home about, but still, I learned and adapted.  I think I have a few jewels, but then, I’m hardly unbiased.

There are some tries, however, that just aren’t working.  I get inspired, I toss out about 3 or 10 stories for a series, and then I just peter out.  That bastard rabbit has flown the coop, if you’ll pardon the murder of cliches.  Now, I’m dependent on Fever Bunnies.  The regular wabbit has left, pissed off that my libido died, pissed off at the anti-depressants that are partly to blame.

Maybe it’s the Time Off the Air, too, since SG-1 has been gone for over ten years.  Over ten.  It’s just … so … (say it with me) … depressing.

Doesn’t mean I’m giving up.  EVER.

It does mean that I’m out of betas.  So what I write is edited only by me.  I write up this stuff, then I *might* get a beta, who tortures me, as they’re supposed to, and then I move on to the next thing.

There’s stuff I need to get back to.  I need more J/D Intervals Betwixt, but the *right* ones.  So I have to pare down that Intervals Betwixt list I made up.  Go from 27 stories to maybe 5.  Guess that’s more taking a hatchet to it than a scalpel but that’s the way it goes, maybe.

I need to get back to Trinity/Trilogy et al.  I wanted to rewrite.  But just the possibility of it is so daunting and time consuming that I just wanna write something else.  So maybe I just start over on a different universe with my Three Boyz.  It’s crazy and lazy and way past sane.  Did that just make any fucking sense?