Learning From Computer F-ups & phone fees.

I had to reset the PC again last night and spent all morning installing and configuring.

The reason: moving my downloaded fonts folder from the external to the main drive in combination of installing MainType (font manager) caused my graphics card to go ballistic.

Sigh. One culprit identified and eliminated.

All I wanted to do was view the new downloaded font and see if any needed moving to the main hard drive and activated. I also did it to find that font I needed (in pic). But in MyFonts.com What The Font forum, they found it for me and it was free! So I downloaded that and a few others from the foundry that created the Intervals font.

So far. the new Reset has worked out. A font manager I used to have a long time ago (Font Expert by Proxima Software) (illegally downloaded) is back on the PC, but it’s a trial that I don’t plan to buy because it’s too expensive (for me). $59, but on sale for $49. Still too much. Won’t be getting it for the next 2 years ($600 divided by $25/mo pay to own). Nor will I be getting a few more things for 2 years.  Maybe a computer, come tomorrow, if the price per month is worth the risk. With the new phone and data plan, my monthly payments went from $18.97 to $63. After 2 years, it’ll go down to $30-something (taxes).

So, I have programs installed, so far so good on the idiot card until I start up Photoshop. THAT is paid for per month, too, under the Photography plan at $10.61($9.99 w/taxes).

All of this stuff, with the $90 yesterday for the initial phone down payment (at $50, + $40 “taxes”, and the reason that’s so atmospherically high is because it takes care of the interest taxes over 2 years, so all I’m paying is $25 flat monthly payment, no extra taxes.

Once upon a time, I told myself that I couldn’t afford a $55/mo smartphone plan from Boost Mobile (really crappy service). Now I’m $10 over that. It’s official. I’ve totally lost my freakin’ mind.