Or, Would Old Content Be Worth Bringing Back?

* * *

Once upon a time, back in 1998, I started my website(sans domain) to share my love of SG-1 and sharing my fic came later.  I had icons, wallpapers, random SG-1 graphics like DHD schematics and the SG-1 patches.  There were a few types of episodes lists.  The standard, then an episode list that had only Goa’uld in it, and which ones.  I use SG icons myself–ones I’ve created–to customize my file manager and make it quicker to locate a folder.  For example, I have an SG-1 patch for my SG-1 fic folder and a feather for my Joysgate folder–the same one that’s this site’s icon.  There’re others.

One day, I was feeling very blue.  Very fed up, stressed out, and I just deleted everything on my website.  I got this depressive bug up my ass, thinking that if no one was going to donate, screw everyone and everything.  I threw a stupid, childish tantrum.  I had already copied all of my fic to Archive of Our Own, so my website sort of felt superfluous.  I couldn’t tell if I was getting anywhere.  Over time, and a few different web hosts and *medications*, I’ve altered my attitude.

Point is, I’m still not so sure that a lot of content would be useful for visitors since SG-1 is no longer an active show, and there’s a Vast Difference between Current and Ended.  Sigh.  But we fans will always read the fic, won’t we? 😉  I’ll still post stories, though they’d be new ones.  Just the thought of reposting all of my work makes me want to go listen to an audiobook and play video games. :-p

So, if you’re interested in me putting in more content, let me know.  I can’t bring back the old wallpapers (if you even remember them) b/c a computer crash five years ago or so has made them inaccessible, but I could create some new ones with some interesting wallpaper designs I’ve come across.  The main header for this site, see above, is taken from a wallpaper collage I created last year sometime.  I think it was last year.

Anyways, thanks for reading and feedback is very much welcome.