NOTE:  This is the third revision of this series.  The 2nd revision is housed at Archive of Our Own.  I’ve linked to this revision on those pages instead of replacing them.  The reason is for anyone who wants to see changes.  And because I’m lazy.  I’ll probably change it down the road.

NOTE 2:  Is it necessary for me to explain that this series, like much of my writing, is sexually explicit?  It is?  Okay.  Now you know.  Happy GAY porn fix. 😉

NOTE 3:  I don’t write much hetero sex.  I’m into Gay guys. 🙂



Visits is the first series in a trio of series that I’ve nicknamed The Trinity Universe.  The “universe” is about the polyamorous relationship involving Doctor Daniel Jackson, Colonel Jack O’Neill, and Major Jason Coburn (original character).

Visits begins with a weary Daniel Jackson.  He’s suffering from depression, brought on by his lackluster feelings toward his job and the estranged and hostile, friendship with Jack O’Neill.  Jason Coburn is Daniel’s best friend, though Daniel has kept him at arm’s reach because he’s sick of disappointment and abandonment by military friendships.  The only ones who haven’t abandoned him are Jason, Sam, and Teal’c, but he still feels isolated and alone.

Visits 1 Love In Plain Sight:  In an attempt to lighten his load and to keep Daniel from falling into a deeper depression, Jason initiates a sexual relationship with Daniel.  He’s already in love with him and Daniel is surprised, but he doesn’t mind.  He embraces this new relationship, feeling that Jason has healed him somehow.

Visits 2 Discoveries:  Enter Jack O’Neill.  Jack has been an asshole to Daniel ever since season 3’s Maternal Instinct.  For two years, Daniel has put up with insults and recently, downright hostility.  But when Daniel and Jason are having a meal out, and to them it’s a date, Jack sees them together and he’s taken by surprise by how *happy* Daniel is with Jason.  It seems to jar him out of his behavior, but he’s still an asshole.  Still a domineering dick who refuses to change how he thinks and feels, and how he expresses those feelings.

Visits 3  Boys Interrupted: When Jack visits Daniel to tell him how he really feels, Daniel is pissed off, not happy.  He believes it took seeing him with another man to pull his head out of his ass.  Daniel is still in love with Jack, but he can’t accept him until Jack proves to him that he’s worth his trust and his love.

Visits 4  In The Rough: Upon hearing about the talk Daniel had with Jack, Jason’s trust in their new relationship is threatened because he thinks Daniel’s using him as a stand-in.  He’s firmly corrected.

Visits 5  Regrets & Secrets: After coming home from a date, Daniel and Jason find that Colonel Makepeace and two hired goons have broken into his house.  They force the boys inside and tie up Jason, then take Daniel back to his bedroom for Makepeace to exact some revenge rape.  He thinks he’s owed some payback.  Jason rescues him before it can happen, but he’s shot in the process.  Then he and Jack discover a secret Daniel has kept, and why Makepeace thought he deserved that payback.

Visits 6  Cold Feet & Warm Hearts: Two months have gone by.  SG-2 is assaulted offworld and Daniel’s in turmoil, worrying over Jason’s health.  After Jason gets better, Daniel brings up his desire for a poly relationship with himself, Jason, and Jack.  Jason is willing, but they obsess over whether Jack will be.

Visits 7  Changing Tide: Three days downtime begins and Daniel and Jason discuss how the relationship is supposed to work.  Jack shows up for a “visit” and Daniel lays the idea on him.  Jack is freaked out, but he wants to be with Daniel, so he agrees.  But later, after he and Daniel have First Time sex, in which Jack bottoms, Jack is resistant about being intimate with Jason–which is Daniel’s condition.  They all have to be intimate, not separate.  Daniel is not going to “Partner Swap” while Jack and Jason ignore each other.  He wants a true “threesome” relationship, but it doesn’t need to be threesome sex all the time.  Jack tries to see things Daniel’s way and at the end of Visits 7, he’s pretty much on board.  To both Daniel’s and Jason’s relief.

Left hanging is what will happen on Daniel’s birthday, and that is handled in the follow-up series opener, Trinity I: They Say It’s Your Birthday.


Note:  About Jason

“Major Coburn” appeared in two episodes:  “Maternal Instinct” and “The First Ones”.  In the second ep, the continuity dialogue was all fucked up.  Jack kept calling him Sergeant.  Teal’c called him Major.  He’s listed in both episodes as “Major Coburn”.  He’s played by Steve Bacic.

I felt that Major Coburn would be a good fit for Daniel as a friend-then-boyfriend and I named him Jason, which is Celtic for “healer”.  I wrote Visits 1 right after season 5’s “Menace”, which was a dreadful, hideous episode for Daniel and Jack.  In fact, Daniel’s friendship with Jack was systematically reduced to “co-worker I don’t know” and “maybe I respect you” starting in season 4’s “Small Victories” and ending in season 5’s “Meridian.”  He was alienated from everyone and all that crying and grudging respect in “Meridian” was disgusting hypocrisy.  Enter a fic series about Daniel finding love with someone else and being “healed”.

Jason is my favorite creation.  I have others, whom I’ve introduced in Trinity and the follow-up series to that, Trilogy (always a play on the 3-person poly relationship), but he’s my baby boy–okay, ew, since I write him as a fully grown man with lots of sexual activity–but I’m talking creator here.  Me, Goddess, not “mama”.  Point is, I’m not giving him up without a fight so if you’re an SG-1 fanfic writer, PLEASE don’t steal him.  Thanks. 🙂  (I say that because people thought he was fun to steal and change into an asshole & while I’m supposed to be flattered by that, I wasn’t; it’s just lazy-ass writer creation to steal someone else’s creation—-AND HAVING THAT SAID, I’m fully aware that makes ME a lazy-ass writer who stole Jack, Daniel, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  Sue me.)

Jason is 6’1″, 185lbs.  His birthday is August 20th, 1962.  He’s 1/2 Navajo (the Diné) and 1/2 Scottish.   I was going back and forth between August 20th, 21st, and 22 for Jason.  He’s a Leo/Virgo cusp baby.  I settled on the 20th for that reason.  But here’s the unknowing thing I did that’s a bit eerie.  Jason’s favorite band is Led Zeppelin.  LZ’s lead singer, Robert Plant, was born on August 20th.  I swear, I didn’t do it on purpose.