Visits Redux

I’m working on Trilogy 15, plus a few ideas related to it.  I began to reread Visits in order to remind me of the sequence of events, but then I started editing.  I changed a few words.  Then I changed some dialogue.  Before long, I was rewriting scenes.  It was just little bits of rewording exposition or dialogue.  But then I began deleting sections and either rewriting them or creating new ones in their place.

If you’re a fan of Visits, I’m really sorry, but as I grow (as I believe I grow), so must my favorite stories.  This’ll be the third revision.  Visits was originally written in 2002.  In 2005, I rewrote it.  A year later, I edited bits, but that wasn’t a revision.  Then in 2008 or 9, I forget, I edited a large part.  It wasn’t exactly a revision.

This is a revision.  There are scenes I just plain thought didn’t belong or made no sense and they needed deleted.  For example, at the end of chapter 5, Daniel initiates sex with Jason after he comes home from the hospital.  That was unrealistic, and while that’s an irony, given that this is fiction, never mind science fiction, the sex needed to go.  There’s more than enough elsewhere.

I’m leaving the old version up on AO3.  It’ll have links, however, to the revised version, which will be housed here.  I’m currently working on part 6 of 7.  It’ll probably be done tomorrow or Sunday.