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Survivor J/D, AU, First Time, NC-17. (set aside) This story has been retitled Skill Sets and restarted as a survival story involving both Jack and Daniel, getting stranded.  Time frame is mid-season two(after Touchstone and before The Fifth Race), so there is NO way that the SGC can get in a ship and rescue them, nor can they ask the Tok’ra for help because they’ve only just met them.  I’ve purposely made it difficult for them get any kind of help so it’s up to them and them alone.  I changed the story because there were too many inconsistencies and plot holes (thank you Solstice).   Second Wind J/D, AU, First Time, NC-17. (working on) A story about trauma, rape, and PTSS (PTSD).  Time frame is season 6, with alterations.  This is the story I’m working on right now.  I got this bunny, you see, and it wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it, and so I’m working all out on this.  It was just a short “video clip”, where Daniel, dirty, beat up, and out of his mind abused, comes from another universe and the Jack in this universe (sort of ours) has lost his Daniel to radiation poisoning.  He gives Daniel a shower, clean clothes, and a medical checkup, but this Daniel doesn’t trust anyone. All his friends and loved ones are dead.This story is an epic monster.  I tend to go by pages, not words, if pages are standard 8.5×11 with 12 point font and single spaced.  Basically, the standard layout in a word processing software like MS Word, WordPerfect, or LibreOffice Writer. I expected this story to be about fifty pages.  Less than 25K words.  But it’s now at 145 pages and around 67K.  I’m almost done with a final draft.  Just have the last two scenes to write correctly (I just typed in an outline, then went back to the beginning and began a readthrough/self-beta).  For perspective, Mirror Mirror was big.  This is a monster.  It’s a multiple pov story, so not just from Jack or Daniel, but both, including opinions or thoughts by other characters, but J/D is the focus, from each other their perspectives as Daniel is taken care of and goes through the healing process as well as seeing a therapist that uses a cutting edge technique (not new agey).  **There is no graphic depiction of rape** Second Wind should be about another week of writing, then I’ll be sending it for beta review, but by chapters (there are 7).  It’ll take about a month to get it ready for posting.  Sorry for the wait.


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Can’t wait to read your new piece, it will be a great way to spend a Saturday with a cup of coffee on the couch.


Can’t wait you two together are such awesome writers way to go ???