Trinity Universe

Welcome to the Trinity Universe


I’ve revised this series.  You can see why in a post I wrote about creating a timeline for Trinity.  When the edited, revised, or practically NEW chapters are finished, I’ll post them here on my website.  The old versions will remain on AO3 (Archive of Our Own), but I’ll be placing a link to the new versions within those pages.

What I have so far:



1: Love in Plain Sight
2: Discoveries
3: Boys Interrupted
4: In The Rough
5: Regrets & Secrets
6: Cold Hands & Warm Hearts
7: Changing Tide



Trinity 1: They Say It’s Your Birthday
Summary:  Daniel’s birthday and Jason and Jack do their best to help him celebrate.  This is basically an introduction to their new polyamorous relationship.

Trinity 2: The First Test
Summary:  Daniel gets injured offworld and it tests Jack and Jason and the relationship they’re supposed to have in the poly relationship.

Trinity 3: Birthday Bonds
Summary: This time it’s Jason’s birthday.  Daniel devises a way to bring about one of Jason’s favorite fantasies.
NOTE:  This chapter has been completely rewritten.  Jason’s visit to his sister is the only element that remained, although that too was tweaked.

Trinity 4: Sacrifice
Summary: Jason discovers that someone’s about to sabotage Jack’s truck and he gets the help of Security to do something about it.
NOTE:  Also rewritten.  Most elements are the same, but they’re completely redone.  The only major change is that there is ZERO SEX in this chapter.


To be continued …