Trinity 3: Birthday Bonds

Summary:  Daniel’s ankle is nearly healed, just in time for Jason’s Birthday.  He’s devised a role-play sex game as a present:  Jason’s kidnapped from his sister’s birthday party and taken to secluded location, where two men have their way with another who said he’s innocent but longs to be taken.  Afterward, there’s some tension and angst that sparks arguments and declarations.  Their birthday dinner out is skipped for make-up sex, at-home dinner, and a show.

Includes bondage.



Five weeks later


Jack and Jason, with their respective teams, had been gone for three days, helping the Tok’ra move to another base, and though they were highly skilled professionals who could take care of themselves under normal circumstances, Daniel couldn’t help but worry.  Nightmares about the Goa’uld space station had returned, including a variation of the attack on Revanna, only this time, it was the new base.  He’s woken up twice during the night with an intense fear that he’d lost his lovers and his friends.  Making it worse was that he wasn’t in a position to help.

He was on light duty now, so he was no longer stuck at home, but he was itching to call the Control Room every damn time the klaxon went off and Chief Master Sergeant Walter Davis announced over the intercom, “Offworld Activation.”  He was now experiencing what they had when he’d been injured offworld: the realization that someone you loved was offworld and in trouble.  Of course, they might not be in trouble, but they were with the Tok’ra, and that was always iffy—like, for example, what had happened while he was on that goddamned space station.

Ever since that day in the shower …  How long had it been since that day?  Half a week with Jason, plus two months of making Jack earn his trust back.  Add the two days offworld, getting injured, then the five weeks’ worth of ankle healing and hobbling around.  Nearly four months.  It felt a lot longer than that.  But ever since that day Jason made love to him, his heart had been uplifted, sifted, and spat out.  He wouldn’t change it, but damn.

He was healing faster than Janet had predicted and he believed it had to do with the meditation that Jason and Teal’c had taught him.  Ribs were healed, and his foot no longer had the pneumatic cast.  He had to wear a boot, but that was massively better than having his foot encased and not breathing.  And he had a regular cane that Jason had given him just to make sure he’d maintain his balance.  Last week, he’d finally fixed his inner ear, and getting tipped on his side with his head off the side of the PT bed had been a little hair-raising.  He thought he’d slide right off the upholstered black Naugahyde, or whatever it was.

And then a few days later, SG units 1, 2, 7, and 10 had left for Revanna.  They should be at the new place.  What the hell was its name?  He’d been there to see them off and found out he really hated being left behind.  He leaned his weight on the cane and continued to pace.  The translation task that Hammond had sent wasn’t done.  He couldn’t focus on it.

Three days.  Might as well have been three weeks.  His worry was also compounded by something that Daniel hadn’t wanted to face, but his healing injury was forcing him to.  He’d grown used to the guys living with him, sleeping with him, and didn’t want to give that up.  They had one more week after they got back from the mission, and Daniel couldn’t help but feel abandoned.

He sighed heavily and glanced at the calendar on his office wall.  He blinked then, in shock.  It was the 17th of August. Four days till Jason’s birthday on the 20th.  He’d forgotten.  How could he have forgotten?  Swearing at himself, Daniel switched to his laptop, tried to think about what to get Jason for his birthday, and guilt drove him back to duty and the translation.  He’d force himself to concentrate.  At least there was something, but still, his mind was all over the place.  He groaned and pushed away from the desk.  Okay.  Concentrate on something else.

Jason’s birthday.  What to get him?  He wouldn’t want gifts.  Not the normal kind.  Despite the overall negativity of his attitude, Daniel fondly remembered the day he’d found out that Jason hated presents.  He’d rushed into Jason’s office to see his friend after reading the summary report of the harrowing mission SG-2 had just returned from …

… and gone in without knocking.  It was a small room, where his desk was straight ahead, twenty feet from the door.  To the right, a file cabinet.  Two chairs besides the one Jason sat in.  And his round, black mesh trashcan in the far right corner.  There were always a couple of wadded up pieces of paper scattered on the floor for when Jason’s bank shots missed.

Daniel’s eyes were on Jason first, who looked up with a frown at the abrupt entrance.  The only light in the room was the overhead; Jason’s desk lamp wasn’t on.  The starkness was a little blinding, but it made it easy to see the bright red in the trash.  A box with a wide gold ribbon and bow.

“Jason!” he said, breathless.  He looked behind him, nudged the door closed, then came over and sat down in the chair in front of his desk.  The other one had been set beside the file cabinet.

Jason’s frown turned upward.  “I’m fine.  So’s the team.  You always rush in like that?”

“Yeah, well,” Daniel said, panting, but his breathing was slowing.  His gaze kept getting drawn to the gift in the trash.  “When I get worried about my … well, best friend.”

“Yeah?” Jason asked.  He didn’t look upset.  He did seem to like the idea.  “Best friends?”

“Well, close enough.  And I worry.”

“Look, Ma.  Not a scratch,” Jason intoned, holding his hands up, as if that would relieve Daniel’s worry because his arms were covered by the long-sleeved utility shirt.

“Funny,” Daniel said, and again: the red box. He wanted to ask, but they’d only been friends for six weeks.  His mind quickly went over their first meeting.


. . .


It was coming back from Kheb.  Daniel, barefoot, had stopped at the top of the ramp after coming through the gate.  Jack, Sam, and Teal’c were already at the bottom of the ramp, talking to Hammond.  With a sigh, he sat down to put his boots on and Jason had squatted down next to him.  He removed his helmet and Daniel had been struck by how good-looking he was.

“He always do that?” Jason asked quietly, referring to Jack.

“Leaving without me?  Never used to.  He’s changing.  Can’t figure out why.”  Daniel stood up, feet properly attired again.  He smiled and held out his hand.  “Daniel Jackson.”

“Jason Coburn,” said Jason, exchanging strong grips.  “Leader of SG-2.”

“Pleased to meet you.”



. . .


Back in the office, Daniel said, “Yeah, sorry, uh, for barging in.”

Jason’s amusement increased because Daniel kept looking at the trash.  “We can talk about it in a bit.  Lunch?”

“Yeah, okay,” Daniel said, frowning.  “What’s the present and why’s it in the trash?  You get pissed at someone?” he finally asked, pointing.

“My birthday, and yeah,” Jason replied disdainfully.

“Yeah?  Happy Birthday.  But … present in the trash?”

“Thanks.  And I don’t like presents, Daniel. Except maybe from one or two people who know me well enough to get me something I’ve always wanted or something I could actually use, usually both. My sister wised up to that early on. This year, she bought me an espresso machine, which is entirely your fault.”

“A man after my own heart,” Daniel laughed.  He’d gotten Jason hooked.

Jason gave him a weird look.  “Yeah, um.”  He cleared his throat.  “Anyway.  You know how some people think that just because they know you, as an acquaintance, not a ‘friend’, that they think they have to get you a birthday present or card?”


“They proceed to get you something they like, not you, or some BS gag gift.”  He grimaced with disgust.  “The birthday boy or girl shouldn’t expect anything, either, and they sure as shit shouldn’t be required to thank the person who gave them a shit gift.  Members of your family get away with that shit, but not mine.  They learned early on.   If you can’t use the gift, what’s the point in buying it?  Cards are the worst thing I can think of because they’re filled with sentimental horseshit that never applies to the person, not to mention the event. If you ever give me a card, Daniel, put your favorite poem or dirty limerick on a piece of blank stationery. It’s personal and from the heart. Hallmark cards aren’t. They’re sappy, useless drivel.”

Daniel couldn’t help but laugh.  “You’re priceless, Jason, you know that?”

“I’m serious.  Say you’re friends with someone, but they’re not that close so they don’t know you well. Your birthday comes up. They have no idea what you’d like but they feel obligated due to some antiquated protocol to buy you something.  Then they end up giving you something lame, like one of those gimmicky talking fish that hang over the door or some slice-and-dice handy utility knife that you’ll use maybe twice and throw in a drawer or the trash.  They waste money giving you shit you don’t want or need.  And gag gifts?  Oh, I’ll murder someone for that crap.”

Daniel kept chuckling.  “So what’s that?” he asked, pointing.

“There’s a woman upstairs in Finance who wants to go out with me.  I’ve *politely* declined.  Three fucking times.  And apparently she doesn’t take no for an answer.  Now there’s this, as if getting me something is going to change my mind.”  His face twisted into something angry.  “Why do women do that?”

“No clue.  Men are worse.”

Jason jogged his brows. 

“Couldn’t you just bring it back to her and tell her ‘no thanks’?”

Jason stared at him, astonished.  “Are you insane?  This is a woman who purposely ignored my polite refusals.  Tell me, what do you think that means about her personality?”

Daniel made a face.  “Ouch.”

“Precisely.  It means her reactions to everything are abnormal.  If I returned the gift, I can imagine fairly accurately what her response would be.  She’d start crying and make a scene, automatically labeling me as the bad guy, regardless of the fact that she’d pushed things beyond tolerance.  You know I’m not an asshole, Daniel, but fuckin’ A.”

Despite his sour words, there was a bit of a smirk.  It was the sort of expression that told Daniel he was purposely being over-the-top whiny just to make someone laugh.  Him, in point of fact.  To Daniel, it was endearing.  Not the subject matter, but the way Jason presented it.  Serious, with a heavy tone of sarcastic humor.

“Yeah, laugh it up, dirt-scratcher.”

“Okay, okay, Dirty Harry, answer this: why not wait and dispose of the present at home? Or at least get rid of it out of sight? If she comes down here to bug you, she’ll see it. You *will* end up getting that reputation you mentioned. At least up in Finance.”

Jason sighed dramatically.  “I need help.”

“I knew that already.”

They grinned at each other.

“So how long have you felt about this gift thing?”

“Since I was ten.”

How’d your mom and dad take it?”

“Somewhat tolerantly,” Jason said, rolling his eyes.  He’d dropped the humor in his eyes.  “They stopped buying me presents when it was obvious that I wasn’t playing with them.  But when it became apparent that I didn’t care, they started buying me things I could use.  If they couldn’t think of anything, they knew I wouldn’t be upset. If there was something that I really wanted, and they could afford it, I’d ask. Otherwise, I’d go without or work on the orchard farms during the summer to buy whatever I wanted.  One summer, it was to get the latest dirt bike.”


. . .


Later on that day, Daniel had taken Jason’s words to heart and had done just as suggested. He’d made him a birthday card, using that purpose to convey how much he appreciated Jason’s friendship.  With a piece of leftover parchment, Daniel had ripped each side, burnt the uneven edges, then folded it into quarters. Opening it like a card, he’d then printed the ending of a poem. “Happy Birthday, Jason” had been written on the front of it.

The poem he used had struck Daniel particularly because it had seemed appropriate.  SG-2’s recent mission.  They’d been forced to hold siege in a broken-down fortress for twenty-four hours.  After they got home, information about the mission had leaked.  Apparently, when his men and the dozen or so civilians had started to fray at the edges from lack of sleep, Jason had given them all “we never give in” pep talks.  The poem had reflected that.

“Hey, Jace,” Daniel said, walking into his office.  The man was locking up his desk, getting ready to leave the base.

“Hey.”  He noticed there was something in his hand.  “What’s that?”


Jason took it and looked at it, then his eyebrows climbed into his hairline.  “What the …”  He examined the edges with a bit of a puzzled frown, then opened the card.

“…though we are not now, that strength,

which in old days moved Earth and Heaven,

that which we are, we are:

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate,

But strong in will…

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

—  Tennyson, “Ulysses”

To Jason, my best friend

– Daniel


Jason’s eyes had misted up.  Then Daniel had been caught up in the fiercest hug he had ever received from anyone, Jack included.  Jason said once that that there was a moment, not long after they’d become friends, where he’d known that he loved him.  Had it been that moment?

Now he had to think up another card.  What would this one say?  It would be the first birthday card while they were lovers.  Jack’s time was October, so he had plenty of time to think up something there.  For now, Jason.


. .


When Daniel got home, he went into his office and set up his laptop to search for a special poem.  He intended a very different kind of poem this time, one Jason wouldn’t be able to display in his office as he had the other one.

But what about a present.  A special something, to mark it as their relationship present.  Separate from Jack, but Jack had to be in on the present.  Jack could give him one, and he already knew it had to be something Jason could use.  But they had to do something ultra-special.

Daniel grinned.  Right now, the only special things he thought about were sexual.  He remembered the day that Jason had come to him, marking their first time, and still thanked whatever force in the universe had pushed Jason into making that decision.  Jason had always had good timing, but that had been perfect. He’d lifted Daniel’s depression from his shoulders and given him love and affection, something that Daniel hadn’t been prepared for or even realized he’d needed.

Staring at the laptop screen, he realized how happy he was, even with the stress he was currently under.  It was part of the job, yes, but still.  He was happy.  Why was that out of the ordinary?  Because it just was.  So Daniel had to show Jason just how much he appreciated him as a lover, not just a friend.  And he wanted to do something that Jason would never forget.  Thoughts of sex play had him looking down at his ankle, wishing it was fully healed.  Fortunately, it was healed enough for sex as long as he was lying down.  Or on his knees.  Even then, he still had to be more careful than usual.

The movements and positions Daniel thought about made his mind wander and he thought of the sexual things Jason liked.  He loved role play.  He liked telling stories in the middle of their making love.  They’d never done anything kinkier than bondage and that wasn’t explicit.  Passionate sex in creative positions was hot enough, but what about role play outside of the bedroom?  Hell, outside of their homes?

Apart from the rough sex Jason engaged in with Jack, there hadn’t been much time for fantasy or exploring it in detail.  The only detail they got to do was when he or Daniel whispered things as they fucked.  That kind of included Jack, but their sex life seemed to revolve around variations of a bondage.  Or more accurately, being held down.

But what about a scenario?  Role play also included acting out stuff, like the part about outside the house.  So where?  Was there a place they could take him?  Jack might know.  So the tricky bit would be to get Jack alone to talk about it.

It was Sunday.  Tuesday was Jason’s birthday.  Daniel had another week of medical leave.  So he had to get Jason and Jack to get a few days’ leave.  They could.  After that business with the Tok’ra was done, Hammond might just …

Daniel groaned.  Hammond would ruin everything if he didn’t give them time off.

He heard keys in the door and smiled.  Jason and Jack were still living with him, but it was always a welcome surprise when he heard that jingling and the tumbler of the lock.  And after another week, it would all be over.  He groaned again as he dropped his head to the desk, pushing the laptop out of the way.

“Hey,” Jason said, eyes widening as he dropped his duffle by the door.  “You okay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Daniel said, waving him off when his lover came over to fuss.  “I’m okay.”

“Then what’s with the groan?” Jason asked, pushing at his shoulder as punishment for making him worry.  He walked back to the doorway, unbuckling his trousers along the way.  “God, I need a shower.”

“I just realized that you and Jack can only stay with me another week.”

Jason turned and froze, hands on his belt.  “Oh shit.  That’s right.”  He thumped his back against the open door as he fell against it.  “Shit and double shit.”  He narrowed his eyes.  “You know, we can always find a house with three bedrooms.”

“Yeah, we could,” Daniel said, rolling his eyes.  “But Jack’s house is paid for.  He’s not going to sell it anytime soon.”

Jason made a face.  “Right.  Okay, you and me then?”

Daniel sighed.  “Lovely thought, but we also need our space, don’t we?”

“I don’t,” Jason said, frowning, and turning away.  “But okay, we need space.”  He left the office and went down the hall.

Daniel knew that look and went after him, catching up with him in the bedroom.  “Hey, c’mere.”  He grabbed Jason by the back of his waistband and put his arms around him and leaned over his shoulder to press their cheeks together.  “Sorry.  That was thoughtless.”

Jason placed his arms over Daniel’s and leaned against him.  “You’re never thoughtless.  I’m just in a touchy mood.  I think a shower’ll fix it.”

“Why so touchy?”

“Jack.  He’s been a bear for three days.  And when he comes home, he’s probably going to continue to be one.”


“Tok’ra.  Hammond’s probably reading him the riot act right now.  Once Sam’s dad has his say.”

“Oh no.”

Jason turned in his arms.  “So maybe we can think of something to do for him.”

Daniel shook his head.  “Let him lead.  When he gets in a mood, he doesn’t like coddling.  Or having people be nice.”

“But we’re his lovers.  Shouldn’t it be different now?”

Daniel frowned in thought.  “It should be, but he’s stubborn.”

Jason let out an exasperated sigh.  “Fine.  We’ll all walk on eggshells until he pulls his head out of his ass.”

Daniel frowned at him and stepped out of their embrace to regard him more fully.  “Man, you really are in a mood.”  He pushed at him a little playfully, then pulled his shirt out of his trousers and Jason let him take it off.  He ran his hands over his chest, as he always did.  Jason was so buff.

“Alright, don’t start,” Jason said, smirking and unzipping.  “I really do need a shower.  Can’t you smell me?”

“Sure,” Daniel said, stepping back.  “But I like that smell.”

Jason shook his head.  “Not that smell.  The musk smell.  I mean the sour sweat smell.  Ew.”  He smelled his armpit and made a face, then shucked off his trousers and briefs and headed for the bathroom.  “Don’t join me.  We need a bigger bathroom.”

“We need to talk, sour puss,” Daniel grinned, sighing afterward as he watched Jason’s lovely ass disappear behind the bathroom door.

“Okay,” Jason said, behind the door.  “But not in the shower.”

Daniel pushed the door in, peeked, then came in the rest of the way as Jason moved away to turn on the shower and wait for the hot water.

“Damn,” Jason said.  “You really do wanna talk.  About what?”

Daniel put the seat down on the toilet and sat.  “Um … Tuesday.”

Jason groaned as he stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed.  “Thanks for reminding me.  I’m so dreading it.”

Daniel’s brows went up.  “You hate your birthday now?”

“No.  But Lysa’s planned a birthday party and I have to show up or make her look bad.”

“Oh,” Daniel groaned.  “I can see the problem.”

“You can always come with me, be my wingman boyfriend.”

Daniel chuckled.  “Yeah, I could.  But I have to do PT that morning, then … uh, I have something else to … arrange.”

Jason peeked around the edge of the curtain and glared at him a second before disappearing.  “You are not throwing me a surprise party, Daniel.”

“No, I’m not.”

There was a pregnant pause.  “Okay, so then … what are you planning?”

“A surprise, but not a party.  You’ll like it.  I promise.”

“Okay,” Jason intoned, somewhat dramatically, his voice intimating defeat.  “Fine.  So what’d you wanna talk about?”

“Well.  It’s related.  I wanna know what kind of role play fantasy you’ve been dying to act out but have never had the chance to.”

Jason was quiet again.  “Uh.  Wow.  That’s specific.  You want to arrange it for my birthday?”

“Depending on the fantasy, yeah.  But I want to spring it on you.  And if it’s a role play that can involve both me and Jack.”

Jason sighed.  “Huh.  Okay, but … you sure he’d even want to?”

Daniel frowned.  “Yeah, why not?”  He paused, then sensed another insecurity of Jason’s about Jack popping up.  “Wait, wait, don’t start that up again.  He’ll be into it.  Honestly, Jason.  Jack’s slowly coming around.  Haven’t you figured that out yet?”

“Well.  Not really, to be honest.  The only time he kinda sorta shows me anything loving is when we’re in bed.  Doesn’t exactly make me feel wanted the rest of the time.”

Daniel sighed again.  “Give him time, okay?  It’s only been … what … six weeks, give or take?”

“Feels longer.”

“Yeah, I know.  But you’ve had time to get used to the idea before he came around, and … well, it’s just that he’s …”

“Stubborn.  I can only take so much of stubborn, but I take your point.”

“So.  Role play scene?”  Jason didn’t answer right away and Daniel watched him pause, not moving, as if he was thinking about it.  He let him.  “How about you think about it.  I’ll be in the kitchen, fixing up dinner.”

“Stay off your foot.”

“Stay off the nanny duty,” Daniel shot back, and left the bathroom in a hurry.

“Stay off your foot!”

“Bite me,” Daniel called back, but not too loudly.  He wasn’t in the mood for an argument.  Besides, his foot was throbbing a little.  When he got to the kitchen, he grabbed the Tylenol off the table and took two with a glass of water.  He grabbed the new wireless phone from the wall mount and hit the speed dial for the Chinese take-out.  Sitting down, he ordered the usual stuff and gave his credit info.  “There,” he said, hanging up.  “Stop your nagging.”

Jason came walking in, naked, mostly dry, and toweling his hair.  “Stop whining.  What’s ‘there’?”

“I ordered Chinese.”

“Oh,” Jason said, and started laughing quietly.  He came over, kissed him lightly, then turned around and left, returning to the bathroom.

“Is that all you came in here for?” Daniel called.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Daniel smiled to himself.  Jason really hated arguing, unlike Jack.  That man seemed to purposely start up, just so he could be right about something.  But lately, over the last two and a half months, he’d slowly dropped the habit around him.  He still did it with Sam and sooner or later, she’d have to put her foot down.  Only her military training and mindset kept her from doing it.  That would change.  As soon as Daniel convinced her to put her foot down.

Keys turned in the lock.  “Speak of the devil,” Daniel said to himself as Jack came in.  The man looked over, having heard.

“You were talking about me?” he asked, looking sour.

“No, thinking about you,” Daniel replied.

Jack sniffed, detecting the humidity and clean scent of shower water.  “Tell me you didn’t use up all the hot water.”

“That was Jason, and no, he wasn’t in there long enough.”

“Good.”  Jack dropped his duffle by the door and headed down the hall.

Daniel chewed at his lip in irritation and said, to himself, “No ‘hello’, no ‘I love you’, no ‘how you doing?’.  Just being a grouchy bear and an asshole.”

Jack appeared in the kitchen, his shirt unbuttoned and the white Tee underneath pulled out.  His hands were on his belt.  “What was that?”

“You going deaf?” Daniel asked mildly, keeping his tone soft.

Jack stared at him, recognizing the warning behavior.  He abruptly calmed down a bit and took a deep breath.  “I’m sorry.  I’m in a mood.”  He walked over, kissed him lightly, and asked, “How ya doin’?”

“Happy to see you, sans mood.  Jason warned me though.”

Jack winced.  “I need a shower.  Dinner?”

“I ordered Chinese.  My ankle hurts, or I’d have made something.”

“Take your pain pills?” Jack asked, removing his shirts.

“No,” Daniel drawled.  “Took two Tylenol.  I don’t like the pain meds.  I’ll save them for a freshly broken bone.”

“Bite your tongue,” Jack said, then kissed him again before leaving the kitchen.  “Jason, I need the shower.”

“Have at it.  I’m in the bedroom.”

The shower was turned on and its noise eliminated Daniel’s ability to understand what they were saying.  He was happy about that because it meant Jack wasn’t raising his.  He was calming down and a long shower might just be what he needed.  Thank god he’d thought to install a large water heater.

Jason came into the kitchen, combing his hair with his fingers.  He’d put on a pair of grey sweat pants and nothing else.  Watching him thread his fingers through his hair, Daniel rolled his eyes.  “Don’t you ever use a comb?”

“You know I don’t.  Unless I have to use product and style it for some military function.”  He paused, eyeing Daniel’s body language.  “You’re in pain,” he said, his tone aggrieved.  He walked over to stand behind him, threaded his fingers through Daniel’s hair before sliding them downward over the back of his neck.  He acted as if he was smoothing long hair, but it was just the beginning of a slow massage of his neck and shoulders.  “Tylenol?” He asked, eyeing the bottle.

“I took two.  And yes, you were right about being off my ankle, but you guys weren’t here to fetch and carry.  And besides, I’m now required to use it more, pain or no pain, to keep the muscles working so they’re strong and help with the mending of the bone.”  He leaned his head back to look up at him.  “Please don’t fuss.”

“Want me to stop this?” Jason asked with a smirk, knowing the answer.

“What do you think,” Daniel said, closing his eyes and groaning as he leaned forward a bit to drop his chin to his chest.  “I missed you two.”

“We missed you.”

Daniel was silent for a minute or so before he revealed, “I had nightmares about Revanna.”

Jason’s fingers stopped, then started up again, but this time, he went back to the ‘petting’ with the occasional rubbing of thumbs over his cervical spine.  “I can see why.”

“I still don’t get what was left to move from Revanna.”

“They came from their other base to get the leftover equipment as well as the computer core that held remnants of the virus recipe,” Jason reminded him.

“Right,” Daniel said, his tone telling Jason that he’d forgotten.  He paused, making sure the shower was still running.  “I hope he’s in there for a while.”

Jason knew what he meant and with a final soft pat on his shoulders, he moved to the chair next to him and turned it out so he could face him when he sat down.  He leaned an arm on the table while he took Daniel’s hand with his free one.  “Okay.  So.  You were wanting to know about fantasy.”

Daniel gave him a small grin.  “You’ve been warming up to the idea?”

Jason’s brows knotted.  “A bit.  I still don’t see why you need to know.  I mean, it’s just something we’d talk about during sex.”

“Humor me,” Daniel said.  “And the pain in my ankle is still there, so please don’t think that this an attempt at foreplay.  I’m … collating data.  As it were.”

Jason laughed, squeezing his hand.  “Hint taken.”  He paused then, looking at Daniel’s fingers as he played, lacing his with them and caressing their lengths.  There was a favorite fantasy, but he wasn’t sure how to explain it where Jack was concerned.  “It’s … listen.  I don’t know how Jack will view me if you tell him about this fantasy.”  He looked up to meet his gaze.  “I mean, it’s a bit submissive.  I don’t want him to think I’m …”

Daniel raised his brows.  “You’re …?  Jason.  Submission doesn’t equal weak.”

Jason blinked in surprise.  “You never fail to surprise me with your ability to discern what I’m thinking.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Daniel said, tightening his fingers around Jason’s.  “Submission doesn’t equal weak.  You have to get rid of that macho idea that it is.  Just like you and Jack have to get rid of the idea that being an Alpha Male doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be a bully.”

“We don’t bully.”

“You don’t, but Jack does, although he doesn’t realize it.  There’s a fine line between authority and bullying.”

Jason sighed, feeling the need to defend the man.  “It’s a military mindset, Daniel.  Authority means you do what I tell you or else.  Chain of command.  It’s ingrained.  It can be taken for bullying sometimes, but it’s not.  Bullying is about creating fear.  It’s not about being bossy.”

Daniel frowned, thinking that over.  “I’ve never looked at it that way.”

Jason gave him a wan smile.  “It’s easy to mix them up.  Our society conflates the two because it’s fucked up.”

Daniel nodded, but he was frowning.  “A discussion for another time.  Point here is that you think submission means you’re weak, and it doesn’t.”

“No, I think Jack will think it’s weak.”

“He won’t,” Daniel said adamantly.  He paused, listening for the shower.  It was still running.  “Believe me.  He won’t.  So spill.”

“So spill?” Jason grinned, and when Daniel opened his mouth to chide, Jason raised his chin.  “I’m teasing.”  Daniel subsided, with a smirk.  Jason returned that too.  “Okay.  Um …”  He chewed at his lip, thinking about how to describe it, but he kept getting caught up in how to start.  “I’m stuck.  How to start.”

“Just say it.  Bits and pieces if you have to.”

Jason blinked a few times, and frowned, looking at Daniel’s fingers.  Occasionally he glanced up at him, but as he spoke, his cheeks started to burn and he made a great effort, out of humiliation and aggravation, to stop doing that.

“Okay.  This fantasy came about through a dream I sometimes repeat.  The first time, I woke up near the end and was hard as hell.  So I found out that this was something that I’d love to recreate, but it’s hard to do since I know what’s coming.  More or less.”

“Okay.  Describe it.”

“I’m running.  I’m being chased.  Sometimes it’s outside.  Sometimes it’s in a big house or building.  My heart’s beating with excitement, not fear.  But something’s compelling me to run from whoever is chasing me.  Kind of …”  He grimaced.


“It’s like playing hard to get.”  He grimaced more severely.  “And I really hate that description, but it is what it is.”

“No judgments here, Jason.  Continue.”

“Thanks,” Jason said, giving him a brief grin.  He closed his eyes, picturing the repetitive dream.  “In one dream, I’m in this big house.  Maybe a mansion.  Maybe a hotel.  I don’t know.  I’m going down this wide flight of stairs and I see shadows.  I don’t know if they’re people but I run from them.  I go through a drawing room or den or whatever, and then someone’s hands are over my eyes and mouth.  I freeze up, then I weakly … maybe that’s where I get the weak thing from … anyway, I half-heartedly attempt to get the hands away.  Others are groping me.  Then there’re leather cuffs, sometimes silk, going around my wrists and suddenly I’m being pulled upward.  I’m now naked, in a bedroom.”

He shuddered and took a deep breath.  He didn’t open his eyes.  He was afraid he’d have to stop so he could just have Jack and Daniel fuck him stupid.  He swallowed hard and continued.

“Someone rubs against me.  I keep saying, ‘I’m a virgin!  Don’t hurt me!’”  He opened his eyes and frowned, puzzled, as he met Daniel’s gaze.  “It makes no sense.  I’m not a virgin.  Why would I dream that?”

“Your mind was weaving a fantasy, I think.”

“Think so?” Jason asked, dubious.  He closed his eyes again.  “Okay, so I’m saying that.  But I’m naked.  I don’t know when that happened, but whoever it is sees I’m hard, so …”  He swallowed again.  “I get sucked.  Then fingers are inside me, and I’m begging whoever it is to stop, even though it’s making me even harder.  I’m getting off on it.  And then someone’s pushing their cock in me and …”

He paused, opening his eyes.  He found Daniel’s expression to match his own.  They were turned on.  “It kinda of goes back and forth between being upright and lying down.  The gist is that I’m being ordered to come, but I won’t.  I’m defying whoever it is, but eventually, something happens and I’m coming hard.”  He paused and cleared his throat.

“What happens?” Daniel asked.

Jason let out a small laugh.  “I don’t know.  I never remember.  I only know that it makes me come.  And I wake up on the verge of it and jerk off until I do.  Rarely takes over a minute.”

“Is that all of it?”

Jason nodded, watching him.  “What do you think?  You plan on buying a bondage set-up?”  Part of him wanted to ask him to do just that, but he held back.

“No,” Daniel said.  “But it’s giving me ideas.  So you have that dream, with variations?” he asked.  Jason nodded.  “When’s the last time you did?”

Jason chewed at his bottom lip, then said, “The night before I came to you in the shower.”

Daniel smiled a little and squeezed his fingers.  “I still owe you a returned favor.”

Jason blinked, confused.  “What?”

“I mean, I think I need to return the favor.”

Jason laughed.  “Not with that shower.  Or my shower.  Or Jack’s.  We’d need a new assembly and room enough, like that cubicle.”

Daniel nodded.  “I have enough money saved up.  Jack might, too.  One of us needs to get to remodeling, but we never get the bloody time off.”

Jason grinned at the Britishism.  “Point.  Unless we can find a public spot that won’t get us busted.”

Daniel snorted.  “Not gonna happen.”


“So now what?” Jason asked.

The doorbell rang and Daniel got up.  “Dinner.”  He then added, on the way to get it.  “What’s next is that I figure out how to make that dream of yours come true.”


. . .


The next day, Jason went to pick up his mail and sort out things in his apartment.  Daniel took advantage of the time he’d have alone with Jack.  After putting a load in the machine, Jack was sitting down in the living room, TV remote in hand, when Daniel came over and sat down next to him.

“Is there something really important you want to see?” he asked.

“Just looking at pre-season football,” Jack said absently.  He looked over, and did a double-take over the expression on Daniel’s face.  It said he meant business.  He wanted to talk.  Jack muted the TV and set the remote down.  He studied him carefully.  “What’s on your mind?”  He took in Daniel’s sleeveless t-shirt and cutoff shorts and thought about taking them off.  They hadn’t done anything last night, thanks to his moodiness.  Was that what wanted?  “Don’t worry.  I’m over the mood.”  He paused.  “But I can get into a whole different mood, if you want.”

Daniel smiled.  “Appreciated.  But I need to talk to you about Tuesday.  We need to find a place to rent or … somewhere.  The cabin’s too far away and—”

“Daniel,” Jack said, interrupting.  “Back up.  What are you talking about?”

Daniel winced.  “Sorry.  I want to fulfill this fantasy of Jason’s for his birthday.”

“What’s the fantasy?”

Daniel told him.

Jack chewed at his lip.  “Hmm.  I think I know of some place that might do.  I’ll find out.”

“We’ll need equipment,” Daniel said.  “I was online earlier.”

“Is that what you were doing?” Jack asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Daniel drawled.  “It only needs to be simple.  A large hook in a ceiling and we use rope or silk.  I don’t think that a rental place, no matter where it is or what it is, will allow property damage.”

“Unless it’s something that can be covered up when we leave,” Jack said, still chewing at his lip.  He was deep in thought suddenly, remembering a house he’d seen on a rental guide.  The rent on the damn thing had been over a thousand dollars per night.  But …


He looked up, realizing that Daniel had said his name two or three times.  “Sorry.  But there might be something.  I’ll check it out later today.  Should be good to go for tomorrow.”

Daniel blinked.  “Seriously?”

Jack smiled.  “Seriously.”



Jason’s Birthday


Jason stood in his sister Lysa’s dining room, wearing his dress blues and holding a beer in one hand while he kept his other hand firmly seated in his pocket.  The reason for that was it was itching for a weapon.  Meanwhile, his mind was lobbying for the death sentence and he longed for a zat.

Lysa’s faith in her friends’ ability to behave appropriately had turned out to be sadly misplaced and she kept mouthing the words, “I’m sorry.” He’d been there for only an hour but it felt longer.  He was silently debating which was worse: a Goa’uld firefight or this.

If the overt flirting had been from men, he probably wouldn’t have minded too much, even though he’d still have turned them down.  But these were all women, so he had to lie and fend off the come-ons at the same time.  It was long past the time when it had been too much.

Lysa entered the kitchen and Jason followed.

“When Dylan is visiting elsewhere, I am so gonna kick your ass,” he growled at her.

“Jason, I’m really sorry. You’re my brother, so I kind of forgot how good you look.  Some of these women I’ve only known for about six months and we’d never gotten a chance to go out because I was pregnant. I never had the chance to see how they acted around guys.”

“Guys?  Leece, some are acting like we’re at a strip club and I should have no problems taking my clothes off.”

She cringed. “I’m so sorry.”

“I wish you could have told them I was gay.”

She sighed. “Me too, but like that’s ever stopped some women, you know.”

Jason made a face.  “Jesus.  Tell me about it.”  He told her about the woman from Finance who’d pestered him a few years ago.  “Remember that?  These friends of yours are no different.”

“I’m really, really sorry. If you wanna leave, I’d understand.”  But her face told him that she would care if he left.

“Keep the fucking fan club off me, get me a few photos with my nephew, and let me leave in, like, the next twenty minutes.  Then you’ll be forgiven.  Deal?”

“Done!” she said relieved.  In a lower voice, she said, “Don’t swear around Dylan.”

“Jesus Christ, Leece.  I’m not that bad.”

She went back out with a fresh beer for one of her girlfriends, who incidentally was the only one not flirting outrageously with Jason because she was Lysa’s oldest friend.  She was coincidentally holding Dylan, so Jason took the beer from Lysa and held it out.

“Trade you?” Jason said, grinning.

“Deal,” she said, as Dylan fussed and fidgeted.  “I think Dylan’s off his feed,” she told Lysa.

“He’s been teething early, Beth.  But watch this.  Jason’s got the golden touch with him.”

“Maybe he just needs a male around,” Jason said, his comment aimed directly at the baby’s absent father.

“Don’t start, Jace.  Now, hold on,” Lysa said as she grabbed a spit-up towel and draped it over his shoulder. Jason took the fussy baby carefully into his arms and sure enough, Dylan fussed a minute, then laid his head down on Jason’s shoulder, burped, and closed his eyes.  Jason smirked but that smirk was short-lived as echoes of “awwwww” came from around the living room. He rolled his eyes at his sister and she winced.

“Get the freakin’ camera,” he told her quietly as he lightly rubbed Dylan’s back.  She did and took several photos before stopping to change film.  After shooting another half roll, the doorbell rang.  Her brows shot up.  “You expecting more company?” he asked.

“No,” she said, puzzled.  “Be right back.”

When Lysa opened the door, a quiet collective gasp came from a few women who stood near enough to see who was on the doorstep.  Lysa recognized Daniel, but not the man in front of him.  A gorgeous older officer, also in dress blues. Daniel was wearing an all-black suit, along with black sunglasses, and she’d never seen him looking so … sinister.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” Jack said, his eyes hidden behind his mirrored sunglasses.  “Sorry to disturb you, but we’re here for Major Coburn.”

“Is anything wrong?”

“No, ma’am.  He’s just needed at the base,” Jack replied.

“Oh-kay…” and she turned around and headed for the dining room. “Jason,” she whispered, “Daniel and a man I’ve never seen before are here for you. They look very serious.”  She took the baby from his arms and in an undertone, said, “Daniel’s in all black.  He’s very … villainous.  Like a mobster.”

Jason cocked an eyebrow.  He walked out to the foyer, saw Jack, and froze.  Did the man have a right to look that drop-dead gorgeous? And Daniel, all in black? Jason’s mouth twitched as that phrase “man in black” came to him, except no “man in black” ever look so positively handsome, gorgeous, beautiful, glorious, exquisite, and fucking hot.

All those words were going through Daniel’s mind as well as he took in Jason in his dress blues.  Jack, on the other hand, had an additional reaction.  Yes, Jason was definitely to-die-for in that uniform. Completely fuckable, too. But Jason was also holding a baby and he looked so … domestic.  He quickly shook off the thought as he returned to the part about fuckable.

“Colonel O’Neill?  Daniel?  What’s going on?” Jason finally asked.

“You have to come with us, Major.  We’re sorry to take you from your family, but we have to go.”

“Can you tell me why?” Jason asked as he handed Lysa Dylan’s spit-up rag.

“No, sir, that’s classified,” Daniel said.

“Right, I understand.”

Grabbing his hat and sunglasses, Jason gave his sister a quick kiss and stepped outside. When he saw the limousine with the black tinted windows, his mouth dropped open.  Getting to the vehicle, Daniel opened the backseat door.  “Your ride, sir.”

Jason’s browline shot up.  “Daniel? What’s going on?”

“I’m the driver.  Safe word, Jason.”

“Safe word?”

It was then that Jason remembered. Their formal dress had fooled him. For a moment he’d actually thought he’d missed a ceremony or something back at the base.

“How about red?” Daniel went on softly, but he lowered his sunglasses and Jason saw that his eyes were bright with excitement, the pupils enlarged.

“Red? Um, okay.”

“Good. Remember, if at any time you need to ask me something outside of the game, but you don’t want to stop, then say ‘Time Out’.  The start and end word is Smithsonian.”

Jason twisted his mouth, trying not to laugh.  “Gotcha.”

“I’m here to take you to the Smithsonian.  Please get in the car, Major. The Colonel’s waiting.”

Jason nervously got inside and saw that Jack had already taken his seat while Daniel had him busy. Clever. Jack sat in the opposite corner of the long, deep back seat that faced the front of the car. His back was against the cushioned side, and his left leg was bent at the knee, resting on the seat.  Jason took the opposite side, resting his back against his own cushioned side of the car.  Daniel shut the door, then got into the driver’s seat and pulled onto the road.

“So, um,” Jason began.

Jack leaned to his right, reaching down for something on the floor that Jason couldn’t see.  When Jack straightened with the object in his hand, Jason inhaled sharply.

“Wait, you can’t be ser—”

Jack shot him with a zat.


. . .


Jason groaned and rubbed at the soreness on the back of his neck.  His mind then told him what had happened and his eyes flew open.  As he sat up, he realized two things.  One, he was on a carpet, in a richly furnished house, and he was naked.  “What the …”  He looked around as he got up.  The house seemed to be a Tudor-style and very old.  It was well-kept, but there was worn paint on an entranceway and on a bannister and set of stairs that moved upward and curved to the left.

He seemed to be in a large foyer and beside him was a round table with a vase of flowers on a large round doily.  The front door was a double and arched to a point in the middle.  Almost gothic.  He was tempted to test the lock but decided against it.  In his mind, he was remembering what he’d told Daniel about his fantasy.  Had he said he’d been in a house naked?  He couldn’t remember.  But he was, and thankfully, not cold.  He wasn’t warm, either.  The temp must be set at sixty-eight or so.  Good.  Not too high or all the running around he had to do would be a waste because he’d wear himself out, sweating.  Never mind the fact that his heart was racing.

So.  Now what?  Run around, act like he’s being chased?  No, that wouldn’t go with being kidnapped and waking up in a strange house.  “Hello?” he tested.  “Listen, whoever you are.  Get my clothes!”  Oh.  He was supposed to be a virgin, wasn’t he?  “You … can’t … k-keep me here!”

As expected, he didn’t get an answer.  He looked out of a window by the door.  It was dusk.  Explained the darkness of the house, although there were fake flame candle sconces everywhere.  Overhead were fans with descending fluted lamps.  He began to hurry through the first floor, finding locked doors.  He eventually checked the front door and found that locked too.  So the only way forward was up those stairs.

He ran up, his cock getting thicker along the way.  He found a large sitting room centered in a hallway that extended on either side.  He ran down the left side, finding locked door after locked door.  At the end of the hall, another sitting room with another locked door, supposedly an exit.  He turned back and stopped at the central sitting room, then slowed his search as he went down the right-hand hallway.  A door on the right.  Locked.  A few more feet, a door on the left.  Unlocked.  He opened it and found a large bathroom with a massive clawfoot bathtub.  A renovation had added a large alcove for the un-encased shower.

Leaving the bathroom, he paused, then headed down the hall.  There were two more doors, several feet down on either side.  His palms were beginning to sweat with nervousness.  The first door he came to was on the right.  It was unlocked.  He opened it without entering.  The door swung wide and revealed a den of sorts.  A fireplace across the large room was lit.

Moving further down the hall, he came to the door on the left.  He glanced at the end of the hall, and there were tall windows with no sitting room.  So, here was where … whatever was in store for him was going to happen.  He swallowed and opened the door.  He let it swing wide.  Inside was a very short hallway entrance, maybe five feet long.  A short alcove on the left showed an old trunk, a coat tree, and a table.  Further into the room, he saw several dressers and hutches.  On the far side were tall windows, curtained.

The room was russet themed, almost in entirety.  Dark red-stained wood with velvet and silk upholstery for a backless divan and a long ottoman, and both bracketed a huge fireplace.  Huge was obviously a theme.  Contrarily, three small round tables with wide claw feet for stabilization dotted the divan and ottoman.  There weren’t any easy chairs or even regular chairs.

He moved forward.  To the right, past the short hallway wall, he sat the foot of a king-sized four-poster bed with a heavy canopy.  Russet.  On the far side of the bed was a half-open door.  He saw a counter, a sink, and a mirror.  The main bath.  The light was on, but it was yellow and low-watt.  The room itself was low lit.  Candles were sitting on all of the tables.

Something glittered in the ceiling, and at first, he thought it was the big, slowly-spinning fan.  But that was further down the room.  Almost directly across the bed, in the ceiling, was a massive silver eyehook.  Jason swallowed hard.  Enter, he ordered himself.  Once he’d pass the hallway wall, he’d get grabbed.  Move.  What are you waiting for?  He took two steps and his legs felt like he was walking in molasses.  “Hello?” he asked.  He purposely made his voice sound frightened—at odds with the slight jutting of his cock.

When he stepped past the short hallway, he purposely looked to the left.  Someone had to be hiding out of sight on the right.  He was right.  A man Jack’s height came up and covered his mouth and eyes with both hands.  He was naked.  His warm skin tingled against his own.  As did the cock firmly rubbing against his ass.  “Don’t move,” Jack said.

Then a knife was at his throat. Jack wasn’t holding it.

Jason’s cock did a very obvious jerk of excitement.  Had he ever told Daniel about his blade fetish?  He moaned.  He couldn’t help it.

“Don’t scream.”


Jason nodded agreement.  Disappointingly, the knife went away.

“We’ve been watching you.  And we’re here to give you what you want as well as need.  And what we’ve been dying to have.  Ever been fucked?”

Jason swallowed and didn’t answer.

“Answer,” Daniel said, and the blade was back, flat against his skin.  “Ever been fucked?”


“Why didn’t you fight?” Jack asked him, lips against his ear.

“I … was startled.”

“So?  You could have won.”  Jack placed his hand on Jason’s left pec with his hand.  It barely covered it.  “You’re buff and very strong.  Why?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said quietly, and swallowed again.  And again.  “You smell good.”  Daniel quietly laughed.  “Who are you?”

“Carlin,” Daniel said.  “And that one who smells good is Jonah.  We know your name but give us a nickname to call you.”

Jason’s mouth went dry.  Carlin.  Jonah.  The names that Administrator had given them when they’d been brain stamped.  Daniel had rarely talked about what went on down there.  “Kit,” he said.

“Kit?” Jonah asked.  There was a smile in his voice.

Jason … Kit … cleared his throat.  “Yes.”

Carlin came closer.  “Okay, Kit.  We’re going to teach you a few things.  But I have to ask.  How is it that someone as buff as you is still a virgin?”

“Please,” Kit said, his voice shaky.

“Please what?” Jonah asked as his left hand moved down to caress his abdomen.

“Don’t hurt me,” Kit said, stopping Jonah’s hand from going lower.

“I promise, it won’t hurt.”

“But you can’t …” Kit said, startled.

“Yes we can,” Carlin said, his voice silky and seductive.  “Been sucked before?”

“Sucked?” Kit asked.  He then inhaled sharply and asked, “You mean … my …?”

“Yes,” Carlin drawled.

His voice was lowering, moving downward.  “Wait, what’re you—”

Jonah covered his mouth and whispered, “Shh.  Just let us take over.  Carlin will convince you.”

Kit jerked in surprise when hands touched his thighs and settled behind, holding him.  He grabbed at Carlin’s head as his mouth nuzzled the space between hip and cock, then his lips grazed the shaft.  Kit moaned and struggled a bit, and Carlin responded by holding him tighter.  Then his mouth was around his cockhead and … Kit couldn’t help but thrust as Carlin sucked him in.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Jonah whispered in his ear.

Kit moaned loudly, and his hips had a mind of their own as he continued to thrust, eager to get more from Carlin’s mouth.  His fingers clutched his hair and he gasped when Jonah took his hand off his mouth.  “Yes,” he said, his voice strained with need.  “Yes.”

“That’s it, baby,” Jonah said.  “Give in.”

As Carlin sucked, he took of one of Kit’s wrist looped something soft around it.  Kit struggled and pulled at Jonah’s hands, trying to get away.  Carlin pulled back.  “Stop that.  You’ll ruin everything, and we really don’t want to be rough.”

“Well,” Jonah said.  “Not until you tell us to be.”

“Why would I …” Kit began, but another loop of soft material went around the other wrist.  They were quickly bound together.  “Please don’t,” he begged, but he didn’t struggle to get free.  “I don’t see why you have to tie me.  Or why Jonah is covering my eyes.”  Suddenly Jonah removed his hand and Kit found a dark blue blindfold directly in front and it was quickly tied around his eyes.  “Uh.”  He swallowed and tried to back up, but Jonah was blocking the way.  “I changed my mind.”  He tried to pull the sashes or whatever they were off his wrists but the cold blade of the knife was back under his jaw; the blunt part of the blade against his skin.

“No,” Carlin told him.  “It’s too late.  This is what’s happening.  Now, I know you’re interested.  You didn’t fight.  And …”

Kit sucked in a breath of surprise when Carlin’s hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock.  He’d reflexively reached to take it away but Carlin’s other hand simply held it there against his covering hand.  He began to stroke and Kit inhaled again, and again, tried to step away.  Jonah wrapped his arms around him and turned his head to the side so he could capture his mouth.  Carlin’s hand moved slow and tightened a bit, but then he increased speed.

Jonah broke the kiss and whispered against his lips.  “Give in.”  Carlin took his cock into his mouth once again and Kit gasped, jerking at the sudden pleasure.

“No, please, oh … oh …” His body betrayed him and began thrusting needily again.

“Give in,” Jonah said, lips still against his mouth.  “Time’s up.”

“For what?” Kit asked, confused, and moaned when Carlin moved away.  Jonah pushed him forward and Kit remembered the eyehook.  “No, no,” he said, resisting, trying to plant his feet to keep from going forward, but Jonah’s cock was hard against his ass and he moved forward to get away from it.  And that resulted in doing what they wanted.  His hands were lifted over his head and he started to refuse, again, but nothing came out of his mouth.  He was now trapped.  And no one was touching him.

“Jonah?  Carlin?  What’re you doing?  C’mon.  I … okay, I … but … you can’t, please …”  He cleared his throat several times.  “Please.  Not like … you can’t do what I think …”

A hand touched his cock, fingers curling around the shaft, while a foot nudged his feet to move wider, forcing him to spread his legs.  As a result, his arms were pulled tauter.  “What’re … Ohhh.”  Carlin’s mouth was around him again, sucking him down.  He gasped and bucked a little, then jerked hard when a cold, wet finger slid between his cheeks.  “No, wait!  I don’t think I can … I’ve changed my mind!  Let me go—”  Carlin grabbed his ass cheeks and began to fellate him with a purpose.  “Oh.  Oh god.”  When the finger kept moving downward and rubbed over his hole, he moaned and didn’t jerk away.

“It’ll feel good,” Jonah told him, but he pulled his finger away.  Instead, it was Carlin who played there, his finger also lubed.  Jonah didn’t move though.  He continued to whisper as he now slid his cock between his cheeks.  “Don’t panic.  He’s going into slid in and find a special button you have.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kit panted.  He moaned again when Carlin moved his mouth up and down the shaft.  “What button?  I don’t have—”  He gasped when Carlin’s finger went inside.  “Ow, ow!”  Carlin stilled his finger and Jonah disappeared.  Movement around him, then there was lube being squirted between his cheeks and all over Carlin’s hand.  The finger pulled out, then went back in.  Slicker.  Without pain.

“Better?” Jonah asked.

“Yes, but I don’t understand what you’re …”  He gasped several times as Carlin sucked and played, moving his finger in and out for a while.

“Feels good, doesn’t it,” Jonah said.  It really wasn’t a question.

“Yes, but …”

Carlin suddenly stopped, removed his finger and mouth, and rose.  “Jonah.  A word.”

“And leave him hanging?” Jonah asked with a smirk.

They moved out of the room and Kit dropped his head back and growled to himself.  Now what?


. .


In the next room, Daniel shoved Jack against the wall and kissed him, hard.  Jack returned the heat, hands clasping his ass and pulling Daniel against him.  He’d be happy to keep going but he pushed Daniel back.  He wiped at his lip with a thumb.  “Damn, you’re on fire.  But what did you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to strategize,” Daniel panted, running the back of his hand down Jack’s sternum and abdomen.

Jack grinned and grabbed his hand.  “About what?  What happens next?  I thought we were just going to go with the flow?”

“Yeah, but I changed my mind.”  He leaned in and kissed him a few times, sans tongue.  “I’m seriously hard.  All I want to do now is get fucked by you.  I wanted to drag you to the bed and demand you screw me while he listens, but the thing is, I want you to fuck him.  I want it to be you who gets him off.”

“Would he want that?”

“By you?  Oh hell yes.  But to get off, he’ll want to be on his back or his stomach and still tied up.  So, question is, where?  The bed is too …”

“Ordinary?” Jack asked.  “No it isn’t.  We tie him to the posts and …”  Jack made a face.  “We only brought two sashes.”


Jack chewed at his lip.  “We can use something else.”


He smiled.  “The sheets.”

Daniel swallowed, nodding.  He wasn’t really paying attention right at this second.  He suddenly raised his left knee and turned slightly.  “I want you to fuck me so damn bad.”

Jack grinned.  “Wait your turn.”

Daniel groaned.  “And if you get off when he does?”

“Who’s birthday is this?” Jack taunted.

Daniel growled loudly.  “You …”

“So, we go in,” Jack began, ignoring him.  “I’ll fuck him standing up.  You fuck him standing up.  Tease.”

“Remember.  You first.  To break him in.  Deflower Kit.

Jack growled this time.  “I love this plan.”

“It’s yours now, so I’m not surprised,” Daniel said sarcastically.

“Hah.  After you open him up further, how about I go again, but slow, while you strip the bed of its sheets, then use the comforter for a cover.  We’ll walk him to the bed, lay him face down.”

“Play a while,” Daniel said.  “But I want him face up when he comes so we can jerk him off at the same time.”

“Leave one hand tied and he can be on his side?”


Jack grinned.  “Okay, Carlin.  Let’s get to work.”


. .


Kit heard their footsteps returning and someone knelt or moved or did something in front of him.  There were hands on his hips, his thighs.  He jerked as lube was spread again over his hole.  As that was done, a mouth made him gasp as teeth gently worried his right nipple, then his left, followed by fingers that twisted, then caressed, moving over his body.

“Beautiful,” Jonah said.  “Ready?”

“Yes,” Carlin said.

“For what?” panted Kit.  Jonah was in front.  Had he been the one on his nipples?  God.

“Time to … open you up,” Carlin said, and moved around to his left and took his cock in hand again.

“What … are … you …” Kit began, but then Jonah was on his right and his hand was behind his knee, raising his leg in the air.  “Wait, what—”

“Shh,” Jonah soothed.  “Give in.  Let me.”

“But how’s that going to …”  He was instantly distracted by Carlin’s hand, pumping him quickly, firmly.  “Oh, oh god, that’s nice.”

“There’s more,” Carlin said.

“What do you mean b …”  Another gasp, loudly, as Carlin took his cockhead into his mouth.  At the same time, Jonah maneuvered his leg and lined up his cock.  Without waiting, he pushed.  Kit groaned loudly and bucked a bit, trying to move them off, but they had him firmly in hold.  Jonah’s cock slid into him, deep, and he stroked a few times.  It felt so goddamn good that all Kit could do was drop his head back.  “Oh,” he said, over and over.

“He loves it,” Carlin said.

“Yes, he does,” Jonah said, then thrust harder.

“Ah god!” Kit cried out, jerking his body to try and dislodge him.  “Stop!”

“Okay,” Jonah said, and abruptly pulled out.  “Carlin?”

“Done,” Carlin said, and the two men switched.

“No, no, that was too … you can’t!”

“Shhh,” Carlin said, sliding into him.  He groaned as he began to fuck him slow and easy.  “How’s that?”

“I just …” Kit panted.  “No, no.  I’m not supposed to be …”

Carlin sped up a bit.  “Sure you are.  This is good, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but … no, I mean …”  He bucked again and succeeded in jostling both men off of him.  “No!  I can’t.  This isn’t … let me go.  Please.”

“You’re afraid,” Carlin said.


“Of what?” Jonah asked.

Kit didn’t answer.  Couldn’t answer.  Then Jonah was behind him.  He held onto him, wrapping his arms around his waist as he slid his cock back into his body.

Kit dropped his head forward and all he wanted to do was spread his legs and indulge in this for a while, but instead, he tried to buck Jonah off.  He was, of course, unsuccessful.  The man was easy with him, slow, and it drove him insane.  There were so many sensations.  Jonah nipped his neck, his ears, and the top of his shoulders while he fucked him.  The excruciating pace he used began to make Kit’s legs shake due the effort of holding back his reactions.  It was the best fucking feeling he’d had in a while.  In the background, he heard movement.  Something was happening at the bed.  There was a lot of rustling movement of the bedclothes.  What was Carlin doing?

Kit got his answer right after thinking the question.  Jonah stopped, then slowly pulled out.  There was movement above and Kit’s arms were let down.  He groaned, realizing only now that his muscles were sore from the time spent over his head.

“Ah, sorry about that, Kit,” Jonah said, massaging a bit.  “But come along.  Time to lie down.”

“What?” Kit asked as he was led blindly to the bed.  “I thought you were done.”

“Oh no,” Carlin said, guided him onto the soft bed.  “Face down for now, baby.”

“Baby?” Kit asked, frowning.  The blindfold covered the expression.  “But …”

“Shh,” Jonah said as he and Carlin removed the binding holding his hands together.

Kit expected the sashes to be removed next, but Jonah pushed him gently onto his stomach, soothing him with caressing, massaging hands.  He was relaxing so much that they surprised him when his hands were pulled away from his body, stretching him.

“Wait, what are you—”  Kit fought them, but they had the leverage and he didn’t.  In seconds, his wrists were attached to something else and he pulled at both ends.  He was stuck.  Movement again, and cloth went around his ankles.  “No, wait!  Come on now!  I can’t … you can’t … do this … I don’t …”  Again, the struggle was rudimentary, and he found himself spread-eagled.  “No!  Please!”

Carlin said, “God, look at that ass.”  He straddled his legs and caressed it, molding it with his fingers before he moved upward over his back.

“You massaging or teasing?” Jonah asked.  Kit heard amusement in his voice, along with the opening of a drawer to his right.

“Already?” Carlin asked.  “What about the real deal?”

“Oh, let’s just play with him.  Get him even more wound up.”

“He is in the room,” Kit said, letting a bit of anger into his tone.  “What are you going to do with me?”  He tugged at his wrist bonds.  “Come on.  Please.  Untie me.  Get this blindfold off.  Play fair or … something.”

“Would you stay?” Jonah asked.

Kit refused to answer.

“Give me that,” Carlin said.

Jonah got back on the bed and the cap of a bottle opened and shut.  Kit heard a slick noise, then the buzzing of a machine.  He began to struggle wildly.  “No!  You can’t!  I’m super sensitive!  I’ll … I’ll … come too soon.  Yeah, um, that’s what’ll happen.”  He made it obvious he was lying.

“Sensitive?” Carlin asked.  “More like afraid.  This won’t hurt you.”

Kit jerked as a slick and cool object buzzed his inner thighs and moved upward to his balls.  He cried out and jerked his head up, unable to keep from letting out a drawn-out sound of pleasure.  “No!” he gasped, finally, when Carlin stopped stimulating his balls.  “Stop, please.”  A hand reached underneath, from between his legs, and caressed his cock.  “I can’t take it.”

“Yes you can,” Jonah said, and the buzzing started up again.  And then another one.  There were two.

“You go there,” Carlin said.  “I’ll go here.”


A tiny, cold vibrator rubbed his anus while another touched his inner thighs.  His legs began to shake when his balls were touched again while the other vibrator slid into his body.  It was small but it drove him crazy and he kept moaning, “Oh god,” over and over.

Suddenly one of them was turned off.  “I can’t wait,” Carlin said.

“You’re sure?” Jonah asked, turning off the other vibrator.

“Yes.  Get behind me, while I do him.”

“What?” Kit exclaimed.  “What are you …”  He listened, then grunted when Carlin, he assumed, lay on top of him completely.  His hands grabbed Kit’s wrists and his hips thrust against his ass.  “I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered in his ear.

“But you already did,” Kit said, panting as the lust climbed higher.

“Yes, but that was to tease you.  This is for me.  Jonah, help me out down there.”  Kit felt the head of his cock push against his hole and Carlin groaned.  “Perfect.”  He pushed up and straddled as he thrust inside, pushing deep.

“Carlin, please, no, stop.  I can’t … take …”  He groaned loudly and began panting and grunting as he was fucked quickly.

“You sure about this?” Jonah asked.

He sounded directly behind Carlin.

“Yes,” Carlin said.  “Fuck me.  Please.”

“It’ll be awkward with you inside him.  Come here.”

Kit felt Carlin slip out of him and groaned with fake relief.  The bed dipped several times, then someone’s hands were on his hips, followed by a tongue over his lower spine.  Carlin groaned, “Yes.”  There came the slick sounds of movement.  Of fucking.  It went on, moderately, then sped up.  “Fuck yes!” Jonah cried out and Carlin begged him for a quicker orgasm.

“Now, dammit!” Jonah ordered.

“Oh god,” Carlin said, and it was a deep, guttural sound.  He gasped several times as the slick sounds turned to slapping.  Suddenly he cried out and thick, warm semen spilled onto Kit’s thighs.  Carlin fell forward, on top of him, then he rolled off and Kit’s right wrist was released at the same time his ankles were set free.  His freed wrist, however was held onto, keeping him from removing the blindfold.

“Your turn,” Carlin said.

Kit gasped in shock as he was turned on his side and his right leg was lifted and held behind the knee.  A cock slid inside him, and he groaned loudly as the man began to fuck him.  “Jonah.”

“Yes, it’s me,” Jonah said.

“Time for you two to get off,” Carlin said, and he took Kit’s hand and placed it on his own cock.  “Jerk off for me.  You’re gonna get fucked good.”

“I … I …” Kit began, but Jonah touched something inside him and his hand froze as his mouth dropped open.  “What … OH god!”

“That’s the special spot,” Carlin purred, and he took over the part of jerking him off.  “There ya go.  Now, tell us you love it.”

Jonah was now grinding deep, fast.  “Oh, oh, yes, yes.  OH YES!”  Riding his gland, Jonah screwed him hard and his groans were hot as hell.  The mixture of them, along with Carlin’s busy, maddening, hand, had him yelling and begging until he finally cried out his blinding orgasm.  The pleasure shot through him, hot and perfect, and he jerked and bucked, clutching the comforter with a white-knuckled hand.  He bit into the bedclothes, moaning continually as Jonah continued to ride his prostate.  Another orgasm, short and sweet, hit him, and he just couldn’t stop … smiling.

“You can put that act in the Smithsonian,” Jason panted, and then lost himself in a happy doze.


. .


Jason roused sometime later, finding both wrists free and the blindfold taken off.  He lay on his back and Jack was on his right, Daniel on his left.  They were still dozing.  And unfortunately, he needed to piss.  With a groan, he sat up, then rolled over Jack and stumbled into the bathroom.  He heard his lovers groan as his movement woke them up.  To their dismay, it sounded like.  He grinned.  He was sore.  Amazingly, it didn’t include his ass.  It was his wrists and shoulders.  He really needed to work out a regimen to keep those tendons loose, just in case.  That eyehook might just work out in his apartment.  He started to flush, but there was movement behind him.

“Hang on.  My turn,” Jack said.


Jason left the bathroom, found Daniel had disappeared, and returned to the bed.  He couldn’t avoid the wet spots.  Fuck it.  The comforter was luxurious.  Some sort of crushed velvet or suede or something.  Dark russet.  Gorgeous color.  He lay there, looking up at the canopy, and didn’t move when Jack returned and got back in bed.  He looked over at him, started to open his mouth, but Jack put a finger over his lips.  Jason cocked a questioning brow.

“There was only one thing wrong with that entire scene,” Jack said.

Jason nodded.  He’d noticed that too.

Jack put an arm around his waist as he leaned over and kissed him, deeply, arousingly.  Sadly, it wasn’t going to lead anywhere.  For now.  As the kiss continued, he felt Daniel get into bed and put an arm around him.  Jack broke the kiss slowly and he looked over at Daniel.

“Where’d you go?”

“The other bathroom,” Daniel grinned.  “I really couldn’t wait.”  He looked down at Jason.  “My turn.”  He met his tongue and moved his lips, his body, and eventually slid on top of him as he kissed Jason for a long, long time.  Until he was slightly hard.  When he broke off, he said, “I want to fuck you again.”

Jason smiled.  “Without the bonds?”

“Definitely without those nagging bonds.”

“Agreed,” Jack said.

Jason blinked at them both.  “Uh … was there something else you guys had in store?”

“Not here,” Jack said.  “I rented this place for the night, but we only needed it for a few hours.  It’s too big and drafty.  And we didn’t bring provisions.  So.  Let’s get dressed, go home, change, and go out for dinner.”

Daniel stared at him, surprised, as he slid his weight off Jason.  “That’s new.  I didn’t know you’d arranged dinner.”

“I’m full of surprises.  It’s not for a few hours in case we took our time here.”

“Yes, you’re definitely full of surprises,” Jason agreed.  He gave him a slightly shy smile.  Then aimed it at Daniel, too.  “Thanks.  Best birthday present ever.”

Jack snorted.  “We’re so not done with you.”

“But …”  Jason frowned, puzzled.  “You just said a few hours.”

“Oh, yeah, here.  Didn’t I mention dinner?  It’s …”  He checked his watch.  He’d left the damn thing on.  “Five o’clock.  How long’d you get for leave?”

“A week.”

“Funny.  Me, too.”

“Me, three,” Daniel said.  “One hell of a birthday, don’tcha think?”

Jason grimaced.  “Makes me feel guilty.  Didn’t do anything like this for yours.”

Daniel had the grace to look sheepish.  “Well, there’s always next year.  And truth be told, I couldn’t think of anything.  And we’re all so new.”

“Not that new,” Jason said, gesturing at the eyehook.  “By the way.  Is that a fixture here or …?”

“Oh, hell no,” Jack said, shaking his head.  “We’ll remove it and take it with us.”

“And leave a hole in the ceiling?” Daniel asked.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll patch it up.  I saved some wood and brought a few tools.”

Daniel grinned.  “Ever the boy scout.”




In the bathroom, Jason finished his shower and as he toweled off, he looked in the mirror.  Movement caught his eye and he found he could see part of the bed.  Daniel was on his back, head toward the foot of the bed, and Jack lay over him, rubbing his chin against Daniel’s chest.  It was making Daniel laugh.  Jack pushed up a bit to kiss him, and it went from a light kiss to a deeply passionate one.  Then Jack’s fingers dug a bit into Daniel’s ribs and it made him laugh and grab Jack’s hand.  They spoke, but Jason had the sink’s faucet running so all he heard was a murmuring drone.

A kind of déjà vu came over him, but it was more along the lines of putting himself in Jack’s place four months ago.  It was that day he and Daniel were in the Mexican restaurant and Daniel was laughing at a joke he made.  Jack had said that that took him by surprise.  The scene, with Daniel laughing, looking at Jason in a way that he’d never seen before—with a man.  It was actually similar to the way he’d looked at Sha’re.  And Jack had said that it had made him jealous.

Jason didn’t feel that, so in that way, he wasn’t channeling that particular feeling.  Instead, Jason felt an enormous amount of irrational loneliness.  A spark of emptiness began to grow.  It was that proverbial pit in the stomach.  And with it came the feeling that this birthday present was like a goodbye.  The beginning of the end.  Jack and Daniel belonged together.  And Jason was just … temporary.

He knew Daniel loved him.  There was no doubt there.  But it was a love that was nowhere near as strong as the love he had for Jack.  Daniel, he knew, would protest.  But he’d learned through their friendship that when Daniel was wrong about something, he’d eventually figure it out.  To Jason, this was no different.  His love for Jack was stronger.  It just was.  It just …

Jason closed the door and looked in the mirror.  How long would it be before Daniel realized it and told him they were through?  Was he dealing Daniel wrongly?  Was he disrespecting his feelings for him?  Yes, and yes.  But Jason couldn’t shake the literal grief he was feeling.  And then there was Jack.  He’d been right about him when he’d been discussing him earlier with Daniel.  Jack could say I love you during sex.  But outside of it?  No.  And it was a problem.  Jason had never stayed with anyone who couldn’t say it.

So … did that mean this was a no-go?  Did he just give himself permission to back away?  Was Jack’s attitude real?  Or was it something Jason was convincing himself to believe?  His maudlin mood wanted to believe the latter only because it fell in line with the pity party he was throwing.  And still …  there was that one undeniable fact.

He never stayed with anyone who couldn’t say I love you.

Swallowing hard, he dried his hands and left the bedroom.  Jack and Daniel were still in the same spot.

“What’d you guys do with my clothes?”

“Dresser,” Daniel said, pointing over his head.

Jason went over and found them, then pulled them out and began to get dressed.

“You’re getting dressed already?” Jack asked.  Both he and Daniel sat up and looked at him.  There was something wrong.


“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked.

Jason looked over as he pulled on his trousers.  “I’m not …”  He studied them.  They looked so perfect.  What he needed to do was hash this out, get facts confirmed, and confront Daniel with that three-word declaration business.  But right now, all he wanted to do was run away.  Indulge his contradictory fear of abandonment.  “I’d like to get home and get out of this goddamn uniform.  Are we going casual or formal for the dinner?”

“Semi-casual,” Jack said.  “Trousers, not jeans.  Don’t need a tie, but a nice shirt.”

“Ah.”  Jason gave them a puzzled frown as the shirt came on next.  “Well, c’mon.  Get a move on.  You got the only vehicle.”


. .


Back home, Daniel watched Jason carefully as he got into his truck to drive home to change.  He knew something was off.  Jason wasn’t ‘present’.

“Daniel?” Jack asked, coming out of the kitchen after grabbing his own house keys.

“There’s something wrong,” Daniel said, frowning.  He turned away from the door after Jason drove off.  “With Jason.”

“I thought that was my imagination,” Jack said, pausing.

Daniel’s eyes widened.  “So not mine either.”

“Don’t think so.”

Daniel took his hand as Jack stepped to the threshold.  “How long you gonna be?”

“An hour or so.  Shower and change.”

Daniel was still frowning when Jack kissed him lightly.  “Started after he came out of that shower.”

Jack nodded.  “Have any ideas?”

“Not one,” Daniel sighed.  “He’s prone to insecurity attacks once in a while.  I’m usually able to help him out of them.  Like he helped me out of my melancholy.”  Jack raised a brow.  “That’s his word for it.  Otherwise known as depression.”

Jack stared at him, worried.  “Hey.  You never told me.  Is it bad enough for meds?”

“Janet tried, but I told her it wasn’t chemical, and I wasn’t about to screw up my mind with pills,” Daniel began, and flushed.  It wasn’t out of guilt, but embarrassment.  “It was an environmental depression.  I was grieving.”

“Sha’re?” Jack asked.

Daniel gave him a pointed look.  “No.  You.”

Jack sagged and reached out to frame Daniel’s face with his hand.  “I’m sorry.  When?”

“It wasn’t too long after the space station incident.  We were at the debriefing, and the atmosphere was sad because of Lieutenant Elliot’s sacrifice.”

Jack frowned.  “I remember.”

“And you kept asking Jacob every once in a while if he was really okay and if Janet needed to check him over.”

Jack nodded, confused.  “Okay,” he said.  He had no idea what else to say because he didn’t know where Daniel was going with this.

Daniel frowned, hating that he was spoiling the mood.  “I’m sorry.  Jason’s mood is affecting me.  Just forget I said anything.”

“No,” Jack said.  “I need to know this stuff, Daniel.”

“It’s not pleasant,” Daniel warned.

“Noted.  Why was it weird … if that’s the point … that I was concerned about Jake?”

“Because you never asked if I was okay.”

Jack blinked at him, feeling horrified.  Even now, he was still behaving the same old way.  “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t even …”

Daniel sighed.  “Before that mission with Nick and the skull?  You used to ask me similar things.  Even for the smallest things.  Then you stopped giving a damn.  I felt it more keenly after the space station mission because I had a hard time after that, and truth be told, I still have nightmares.  Had one just before Jason came to me in the shower that one day.  And I had one Saturday night while you guys were offworld.”

A lead weight seemed to corral itself around Jack’s shoulders.  “Oh.”  He swallowed.  “I’m so sorry about—”

Daniel laid a hand on Jack’s chest.  “Don’t.  I don’t need you to apologize for every little thing I bring up because you apologized overall and right now, you’re still working out the issues.  I’m just saying, that’s what my moodiness was about.  It isn’t on the same level as Jason’s, but he can be prone to melancholy, too.  And right now, I’m getting that vibe.”

Jack nodded, covering Daniel’s hand with his own.  “I don’t know him like you do so I’m not getting that kind of vibe, but I am sensing something’s off.  I’m worried about him.”

Daniel half-smiled as he recognized the sincerity in Jack’s eyes.  “You really are, aren’t you?”

“Is that such a surprise?” Jack asked, frowning.

“Kind of.”  When Jack gave him an exasperated sigh, he quickly added, “I’m sorry, but you still seem a bit standoffish with him.”

Jack let out another sigh.  “I guess.  I’m working on it.”

“I know.  So, do you think we should ask him what’s wrong and pull it out of him, or just let it be?”

Jack chewed at the corner of his mouth while his frown intensified.  “What would you do if it was me?”

Daniel blinked.  “I’d pester you to talk to me.”

“So why is there a different standard for Jason all of a sudden?”

Daniel’s brows went up.  “All of a sudden?”

“You always pestered him before but now you’re thinking about letting him be.  That makes no sense.”  Daniel frowned and didn’t say anything.  Jack leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  “Think about it.  I’ll be back soon.”


Once Jack was out the door, Daniel didn’t wait and watch him leave.  He went into the bedroom to change as he thought about his attitude about confronting Jason.  Jack was right.  Why had he even thought about leaving it be?  Was it because this was Jason’s birthday and he didn’t want to spoil the mood for dinner?  Or spoil it period?  Maybe.  But it felt a bit … careless.  It felt more along the lines of avoidance.  Was he afraid of what Jason would say?  That was stupid.  Why would he be afraid?  There was no reason.

And still.  His gut feeling said he was avoiding.  Maybe Jason was feeling embarrassed over the role play scene?  No, that was silly.  Such things didn’t embarrass him.  Except where Jack was concerned.  Could that be it?  He was doing some sort of weird avoidance because he was embarrassed about what they’d just done for him?  To him?  No, that was silly, too.  Hadn’t they already talked about how dumb it is to be like that where Jack was concerned?

Well, it was something and he was quite clearly afraid of finding out.  Which meant there was all the more reason to hash this out as soon as possible.  But did that mean over dinner?  Spoil the birthday because … there’d be an argument.  If Jason didn’t want to talk, they’d argue because Daniel would insist.  It couldn’t spoil the dinner because Jason was already doing that by sending out vibes that something was wrong.

With a sigh, and the realization that he’d been holding two ties.  He put them away and decided to choose what Jason would like to see him in.  And here began problem number two.  There’d been only two instances where they’d gone out to dinner.  His own birthday and that date at the Mexican restaurant.  He really didn’t have a clue what Jason liked or didn’t.  This relationship was new.  Even though he’d thought of him as his best friend, they hadn’t known about each other’s likes and dislikes where clothes were concerned.  Occasionally, Jason would say he looked nice whenever he caught him in civilian clothes, but most of those times, he’d been wearing jeans and a nice shirt.

Daniel felt a bit of dejection.  He really didn’t know what he liked.  Well, that wasn’t true.  Jason was a diehard Led Zeppelin fan.  He was a man who could pull off wearing red.  He had a good singing voice.  Daniel shivered at the memory of getting sung to, that voice reverberating in his ear.  His favorite color was a multiple combo: black with anything.  His favorite movie was Alien.  Daniel still didn’t like watching it, but he would, and only for Jason.  His favorite song …

Daniel frowned because he got stuck.  He loved that Stevie Nicks song, “Leather and Lace.”  There was a Led Zeppelin song, too.  What was it?  Dammit.  Daniel couldn’t remember the name.  In his mind, he could hear Jason singing it or humming it.  After a minute, he finally remembered, and he sighed with relief.  It was “What is and What Should Never Be.”

He looked at a few shirts and trouser combinations and it suddenly dawned on him that it had been Jason who’d forced him to go shopping and had picked out the new wardrobe.  So basically, anything he wore among the new stuff would be okay because Jason would like it.  There were dark grey, green, blue, and dark lavender shirts.  Solids.  The nerd plaids had been replaced with tartan plaids, but those were flannels and cotton blends.  Today, he had to wear silk.  And the good trousers were either dark grey, medium grey, and black.  Jason had told him that if he wore brown, he’d wash himself out of the scenery, no matter what it was.  Okay.  Dark grey tonight.  And … blue.  The dark teal blue.  He nodded, pulled them out, and set them on the bed.

Now.  Shower.


. .


Daniel’s stomach was growling when he heard the keys in the door.  He was sitting on the couch, watching TV.  Bored and hungry.  At least reruns of M.A.S.H. were on, so it lessened the boredom somewhat.  He called out, “Hey!”

“Hey,” Jack said.

Daniel sat up abruptly and turned to look behind him in surprise.  His eyes followed Jack as he came around into the living room.  He was, for a second or three, speechless.  Jack gave him a puzzled look and it broke the shock.  “I thought you’d be Jason.”

Jack’s puzzled frown deepened as he nodded.  “I thought he’d be here already, too.”

Daniel pulled out his cellphone and started to hit Jason’s speed dial when keys were in the lock for a second time and the black-haired man came in.  Behind him, the warm air whooshed in.  The wind had picked up.

Jack looked at his watch, then gave Daniel a long look.  In a lowered voice, he said, “Let’s do this now, not at the restaurant.  We have time.”

Daniel nodded as Jason came into the living room.  “Hey,” he said, and he couldn’t keep the worried look off his face.  Well, why should he?  He looked him over and was briefly amused that Jason had chosen black and red to wear.  In contrast, Jack was in grey and green.

Jason paused, then chose to sit on the corner of the second sofa, across from Daniel.  Creating distance.  “Hey.”

Jack looked between them, then took a seat at the other end of the sofa Jason had chosen.  He purposely put his back to the upholstered arm.  Daniel frowned at their spots and sighed.  He got up and moved around the coffee table, then chose it for his seat and sat down opposite Jason, who frowned, puzzled.

“What’s going on with you?” Daniel asked directly.

“What?  Nothing,” Jason said, sitting forward a little.

Jack got up to close the distance and sat down, one knee within touching distance of Daniel’s.  “Sorry.  What?” he asked, disbelief clear in his voice.

“Nothing,” Jason repeated.  “What’s going on?”

“That’s our question,” Daniel said.  “Jason, something’s off with you.  You’ve been unusually subdued since we left that mansion.  We aren’t going anywhere until you talk to us.”

Jason looked at them both in surprise.  Damn.  He should have been more careful, but honestly, his grief was spilling out and it was so intense that he couldn’t stop it.  “I’m not feeling—”

Daniel got mad.  It wasn’t rational, either.  “If you say you’re sick, I’m going to hit you for lying to my face a second time.”

Jason scowled back at him, then said to Jack, “You wanna jump on this train?”

“No, Daniel’s got the floor on this one, but I completely sympathize.  What the hell is wrong?”

“But dinner—” Jason said, evading.

“Fuck dinner,” said both his lovers at the same time.  Daniel added, “And I’m sorry if this spoils your birthday, but your moodiness has already done that.  What’s wrong?”

“I think you two deserve to be together and I’m only in the way.”

Jason started to say it.  It was on the tip of his tongue.  But looking at Daniel, and feeling Jack next to him, he couldn’t do it.  He knew Daniel loved him.  And Jack … well, no matter what Daniel said, Jason just didn’t believe he would ever love him.  And as he’d already decided, he couldn’t stay in a relationship that was so one-sided.  How long does he have to wait?  How long until it’s obvious to Daniel that Jack will never love him?  It just isn’t in the cards.

He swallowed.  “I don’t know how to say this without pissing you off,” he said to Daniel.  “It’s emotional.  Maybe it’s also irrational.”

“Just say it,” Daniel demanded.  He started to reach for Jason’s hand but he got up and started to pace.  Daniel and Jack stood up to stare at him.

“I saw the two of you in the mirror while I was in the bathroom at that mansion.  You were so perfect.  You were meant to be together.  And I just felt … in the way.”  Daniel didn’t say anything.  His mouth just hung open in shock.  “A long time ago, when I was twenty-two or three, I forget.  I was at the academy.”  He glanced at Jack and felt a burning emptiness at the hollow of his throat and it rose to the back of his mouth.  He swallowed against it and took a few deep breaths.  “I was in love with this guy.  We were lovers and we had a lot of fun together.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  He didn’t love me back.  I can’t stay in a one-sided relationship.  It’s unhealthy.”  He swallowed again and looked at Jack.

“Jason,” Daniel warned, but Jason held his hand up.

“Listen.  I know it hasn’t been long enough,” Jason went on, looking at them both.  “But let’s just face facts.”  He looked at Daniel.  “You want to believe feelings will change, but you have to accept that he won’t ever love me like he loves you.  I mean—”

“You asshole,” Jack said flatly, his face burning.

“I’m sorry, Jack!” Jason exclaimed.  “But it needs saying!  You can care about me, sure, but as a friend, nothing more.  I know that.  And I’ve been telling myself for the last hour to accept it.  And to just … give in.”  He smirked wryly.  “Funny that.”

Daniel came toward him, hands at his sides, clenched.  “I so want to hit you right now.”

Jack’s brows went up as he stepped forward, reaching out to lay his hand on Daniel’s shoulder.  “Daniel …”

“I’m not going to, Jack,” Daniel said, not looking at him.  “You want to leave me, Jason?  I thought you loved me.”

“I do!  But Daniel, this three-way relationship just isn’t going to work out the way you—”

“I love you, you fucking asshole.”  Jack struggled to restrain himself.  “Don’t you understand anything about me?  Don’t you realize that I wouldn’t pull a role play stunt for just anyone?”

“You can’t be serious,” Jason spat.

Daniel stared at Jack.  He was hurt.  And mad.  And if it wasn’t seen to, he’d get even madder and he might do something stupid.  Sure, he’d come a long way, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be hurt by Jason’s opinion of him.  Suddenly, Daniel felt extremely guilty because he truly didn’t realize how Jack felt, either.  No, it hadn’t been long enough to establish a connection, and one strong enough to …

Or had it been?

Had it?

“Holy shit,” he breathed, eyes widening.

Jason blinked at him wearily.  “What?  I’m an asshole.  So what else is n—”

“Not you, stupid.”  Daniel got up and went to Jack, staring at him intently.  “You really do.  When did that happen?”

“Today,” Jack said, his cheeks aflame.  “And just now, actually.  I didn’t like the thought of him leaving you.  Or me.”

Jason narrowed his eyes.  “Hello.  I’m right here.”

“Are you?” Jack asked sarcastically.  “Your body is.  But it seems to me your ears and brain are defective.”

“Excuse me?” Jason asked.  “What the fuck are you—”

“Jesus, Jason,” Daniel said, covering his eyes as he turned around and stared at him.  “Listen!” he yelled.

“To what?” Jason yelled back.

“I love you!” Daniel said.

“I know!” Jason yelled back.  “I love you, too.”

“And Jack?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, I love him, too!” Jason said, his jaw clenching.  “For all the good it’ll—”

“I love you, too, you stupid ass,” Jack said, much quieter.  His eyes bored holes into Jason’s.  “Is it sinking in yet?  Do I have to tattoo on your forehead?”

“You …” Jason began, blinking rapidly.  “What?”  He suddenly had to sit down and he took Daniel’s original seat.  “What?”

Daniel turned to Jack.  “Maybe turning forty has made him stupid.  He’s not able to grasp what you say.”

Jack smirked at him.  “Seems it’s selective.  It’s you he hears.  Me?  Might as well be like those adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons.”

Daniel chewed at his lip.  Something had to be done now.  They weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  He looked at his watch.  “What time’s the reservation?” he asked Jack.

“Eight thirty,” Jack replied, his eyes still on Jason.

“It’s seven fifty-nine.  What do you want to do?”  Daniel wasn’t asking Jason.

Jack didn’t answer right away.  He’d meant what he said to Jason.  He loved him.  It made no sense, but it was true.  And all he could think about was the play of muscles under those clothes.  The sloped head of his cock and the way it reddened when he was about to come.  The same thing happened to his chest.  The blood rose at his neck and spread down, as if his heart couldn’t pump it all into his cock and the spillover was at the other erogenous zones.  Jason stared back at him and even through his brown eyes, he saw the pupils dilate.

“Jack?” Daniel prompted.

“Fuck going out,” Jack said.  He began to unbutton his shirt.  “Order something.”  Jason stared back and got up.  He backed out of the living room, unbuttoning his own shirt.

“And in the meantime?” Daniel prompted again, eyes alight with desire.

“I’m going to fuck him until he’s screaming,” Jack said quietly as he, and Jason, toed off their shoes, and unbuckled, unzipped.

“I doubt it,” Jason challenged.

“Oh yeah.  Definitely,” Jack said.

“Prove it,” Jason replied, his voice going faint.

“What’s the restaurant?” Daniel asked.  “I’ll call to cancel.”

“Fuck ‘em,” Jack said.  “I’m not thinking about anything else right now, Daniel.”  He followed Jason into the bedroom and he was half-hard by the time his trousers were off.  He slid his briefs off slowly, letting Jason look him over appreciatively.  Lastly, came his socks.  “Is fucking you the only way to get you to see sense?  To believe me?”

“Maybe it is,” Jason said, naked now and backing onto the bed.

“Grab the lube,” Jack ordered.

Jason refused to take his eyes off Jack’s, just like Jack refused to do the same.  He blindly felt for the lube in the drawer, but it wasn’t there.  “Daniel!  Where’s—”

“It’s under the center pillow.”

“I’m sorry, Daniel,” Jack said.  “You’re gonna have to watch.”

“I don’t mind,” Daniel said.

Jason felt for the lube as he lay down.  He moaned when Jack took hold of his cock and began stroking him.  In turn, Jason squirted lube onto his fingers and took hold of Jack’s cock.  They spent time—not that much time—making each other as hard as possible, then Jason squirted more lube onto Jack’s cock, and reached between his legs to spread it over his asshole.

“What am I going to do with you?” Jack asked, settling between his legs as he lay on top of him.

“Whatever you want,” Jason answered, and groaned when Jack slid his cock into his ass.

“Good answer,” Jack said.  He moved slowly, deeply, and bent down to take Jason’s mouth in a heated kiss that mimicked what his hips and cock were doing.  Jason blinked slowly, as if his lids were getting heavy, and Jack whispered, “Don’t close your eyes.”

“Don’t make me want to,” Jason said, slightly smiling.  “And you now know what to do.  What we always do.”

“No,” Jack said.  “Not this time.”

“But …” Jason said, swallowing.  He moaned on every thrust, but managed to say, “It’s just who we are together.”

“I need you to know I love you.  Do you understand me, Jason?”  He increased the undulation of his thrusts.  “I love you.”

Jason moaned on each plunge inside.  “But … sex makes us say things that—”

“Dammit,” Jack whispered harshly, sliding his hands under Jason’s arms to grab hold of his shoulders.  “I said it before we started, you idiot.”  He stopped moving and stared into Jason’s eyes.  “Why won’t you believe?”  He moved his hips, undulating, pressing deep.  Jason inhaled sharply on each thrust.  “Why won’t you believe?” he repeated.

Jason’s voice shook with emotion.  “I’m afraid of the intensity,” he finally admitted.  “I love you.  And I know that if you love me back, it’ll scare me.”

“Why?” Jack asked, frowning.  He kept moving, unwilling to lose his erection.

“Because I’ll now fear to lose you, too,” Jason breathed, and closed his eyes.

“You silly shit,” Jack breathed back, and he bent to kiss him again, and this time, it was slow and consuming.  He began to increase his speed, which forced him to break the kiss.  Fucking Jason like this was hot, heavy, and if he wasn’t careful, he’d come too soon.  But right at this moment, he didn’t care.  “Look at me.”  Jason opened his eyes.  Their ardor increased by the second as Jack sped up.  “Hot,” he whispered.  “So hot.  What do you want?”

Jason was moaning as Jack moved within him and he had to gasp before speaking each word.  “Fuck.  Me.  Jack.  Please.”  He then breathed the words, barely audible, “You know how.  You always know how.  Take me.”

Plowing into him, Jack relished the way Jason cried out.  “Yes.  You like this way.  You love me this way.”

“I love you,” Jason gasped, and moaned louder on every thrust after Jack pushed his knees so far forward that they were beside his face.  “Do it!” he cried.

Jack stopped pounding and changed to deep, grinding circles.  “That’s it,” he said, when Jason gasped continually through the riding of his gland.  “Come for me, baby,” he said.

“No, no, too soon!” Jason moaned.  “No, no, no, too soon, too soon.”

“I’ll make you come so hard,” Jack growled.  On and on, he moved his hips in circles while grinding into him.  It felt so damn good.  Especially when he was watching Jason writhe underneath, trapped, unable to go anywhere.  Unwilling to go anywhere.  “Beg to come.”

“No,” Jason whispered between moans.  “No.”

Jack pushed back and knelt, continuing to grind in circles.  Jason reached down and took his cock in hand.  “That’s it.  Give in to me.  Love me.  Come for me.”  Jason began to gasp, and his cheeks began to flush.  Jack knew that he was close.  “Feels good.”

Daniel lay next to them, his hand a blur on his own cock.  He whispered into Jason’s ear.  “Come for him.  For me.”

Jack was relentless, but when he finally reached that perfect speed, Jason gasped, eyes wide, “Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m—”

He cried out, his body spasming.  The tightness around Jack brought him off, too.  And watching them, Daniel followed with his own orgasm.

“Jesus,” Jack gasped against Jason’s neck.

“Jesus,” Jason echoed.

Daniel moaned as he squeezed his cock, hips jerking, body taut.  “Oh fuck.”  His lovers echoed his sentiments.


. .


Chinese food.  Again.  None minded.  The three of them sat around the coffee table, on blankets, having a nude picnic.  It was dinner and a show.  More or less.  Jack chose the movie.  To both Daniel’s and Jason’s surprise, it was Lord of the Ring’s Fellowship of the Ring.  Extended version.  And during the movie, Jack fed Jason his orange chicken, while Jason fed Daniel his sweet and sour version.  When the Urukai were stopping for fresh meat, Daniel was pulled from the movie by slick sounds and soft moans.  Behind him, between the couch and the coffee table, they were fucking again.  Kissing, moving slow.  Daniel smiled.  “Happy Birthday, Jason,” he whispered.

“Get over here,” Jack said, and pushed the coffee table out of the way.

Stroking himself, Daniel shut off the movie.  “So.  Who’s gonna suck me?”

“What did I just say?” Jack asked, reaching for him while his hips continued to grind into a happy, satisfied Jason.


. .


They were lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, when Daniel sat up and swore.  He climbed out of bed and left the room.  Jason frowned and pushed up on his elbows.  Jack was softly snoring already, and he rolled his eyes.  He’d never been able to drop off like that.  It always took him five minutes or more.  If it was a night like this, anyway.  Daniel came back in the room, carrying something.

“Where’d you go?” Jason asked, watching the familiar shadow come closer.

“I forgot this,” Daniel said.  He clicked on the flashlight and handed Jason a piece of quad-folded parchment.

Jason smiled.  “I forgot about asking.”

“You never expect, and you never ask, so, no, you didn’t.”



Jason grinned at him, then opened the card.  It was very short and to the point:


“A man had given all other bliss,

And all his worldly worth for this:

To waste his whole heart in one kiss

Upon his perfect lips.”



For Jason, on his 40th

Love forever, Daniel


Jason set the card on the backboard, then took the flashlight and set it on top.  Daniel grinned at him and Jason put his arms around him and pulled him down, kissing him into the mattress.  He kept going, and going, and his hands began to caress.  To awaken.  And Daniel opened his legs and welcomed him in.  It took longer to come, but neither of them cared.  At last, Daniel had Jason’s cock inside him and he held his lover to him as they swayed and undulated.  He found his gland easily and through long, deep kisses and quickening thrusts, Jason brought them both to completion.

While Jack looked on and smiled.