The New Trinity Universe (list)

After going through everything, here’s the planned Redux.  In parentheses are the old chapter numbers, plus any notes as reminders.


New Trinity Universe


Visits 1-7

Trinity 1: They Say It’s Your Birthday

Trinity 2: The First Test

Trinity 3: Birthday Bonds (III and IV)

Trinity 4: Sacrifice (V)

Trinity 5: Thor (VI)

Trinity 6: Heritage (VIII, IX, X, XI)

Trinity 7: The Gift (XII, XIII) (Jason gives J/D rings at Xmas)

Trinity 8: Sweet Blood (intro to Adriann & The Var’chol’si)

Trinity 9: Haunted (XX—SG-1 goes MIA)

Trinity 10: Nosferatu (XXII, XXIII) (Adriann meets Azadriel, a brother infected by a psychopath virus)

Trinity 11: Genius Loci: The Spirit of the Place (XXVII Ignis Fatuus)

Trinity 12: Eros (Veil) (XXIX)

Trinity 13: Doppelgangers (XXV) (formerly titled “Haunted”, quantum mirror story)

Trinity 14: Camulus (Trilogy 1-4) (SG-1/2 is kidnapped by Baal, intro of Camulus/Jalen)

Trinity 15: Raven (Trilogy 5)

Trinity 16: Empath (Trilogy 7)

Trinity 17: Kidnapped (Trilogy 8)

Trinity 18: The Alternative (another quantum mirror) (Trilogy 10)

Trinity 19: Stranded (Trilogy 11)

Trinity 20: Myths & Magick (Trilogy 13)

Trinity 21: The New Pirate Code (Trilogy 14)

(This isn’t the end; there will be new ones)