The Beginning of Trilogy 15

Previously, at the end of Trilogy 14…

Jack was out back, dumping black trash bags into their own dumpster.  He wore a perpetual shit-eating grin.  The only downside to that marathon love-making was that the three of them wouldn’t be in the mood for two days.  At least.  Morrighan may have healed their bodies and regressed their ages by ten or fifteen years, but Jack still felt like an old man when it came to sex.  Not that it showed.  It was all mental.

As he turned away from the bin, a movement caught his peripheral vision and when he snapped his head to the right to look, he found a large, white wolf coming toward him.

“Daniel!  Jason!” he half sang, grabbing the doorknob of the second set of French doors that opened at the side of the house.  As they walked through the door, the wolf began to pace back and forth, watching them carefully.

“Where the hell …” Daniel began.

“I thought that creature was locked up,” Jack growled.

“He is,” Daniel said, staring.  “That’s not him.”


. . . . . . .


“What the hell you do you mean, ‘that’s not him’?” Jason asked quietly.  “It’s a huge wolf.”

“Daniel’s right,” Jack said, squinting.  He then sighed.  “For cryin’ out loud.  Look at her eyes.”

Daniel glanced at him, then at the wolf.  “Her?”

Jason copied Jack, narrowing his eyes.  “Her.”

The wolf’s eyes were rainbow-colored.

Jack crossed his arms.  “This your idea of asking to come see where I live?” he asked the wolf.

The creature’s form suddenly spun in a miniature tornado, sending up dirt and leaves and pebbles.  Only a few tiny grains of dirt or rock reached them.  Two seconds later, the whirlwind resolved, and the wolf transformed into a large raven.  With rainbow eyes.  It cawed at them, croaking that raven sound which turned into a kind of trill.

Sarcastically, Jack said, “Your majesty,” as he gave the bird a flourishing bow.  “What can we do for you?”

Abruptly, music filled the air.  The men’s mouths dropped open.  The music was the theme song Adriann adored: Pirates of the Caribbean.

The raven launched into the air and spun around in a whirl, then descended toward the ground, and when it reached the surface, dirt and snow whirled into a vortex which eventually dissipated into the form of the fay queen herself.  She swayed back and forth to the music and held her hand out to Jack.

“I would have a dance.”

“Uh …” Jack said, his mouth still hanging open.

“Go,” Jason said, shoving him forward.

And for the first time ever, Daniel and Jason watched as Jack danced in a face-paced waltz, which fit perfectly with the song.  Making things even more strange and amazing was when Morrighan transformed their clothing into the same kind of pirate gear as seen in the films.  The queen of the Lia Fail kept Jack going throughout a looped version of the song that continued on for ten minutes.

Daniel was reminded of Adriann and how he had done the same thing with him.  The only thing that would have made Jack’s and Morrighan’s dance better would’ve been dancing on the deck of the Black Pearl.

And suddenly, the four of them were on the ship.  Daniel and Jason found themselves on the foredeck by the wheel while down on the main deck, Morrighan led Jack around and around.  Daniel looked around them and the ship had appeared in their backyard.  Beyond it lay the snow-covered landscape.  Jason bit his lips together in an attempt to quash the smile on his lips while Daniel simply covered his mouth with a hand.

Meanwhile, Jack held Morrighan in his arms as they danced the waltz he’d learned as a child but had rarely used: the fast-paced ballroom dance.  When they appeared on the ship’s deck, he somehow didn’t falter or stumble in surprise.  Though Morrighan was in the traditional ‘female’ position for the dance, she led it all the same.  He grinned sardonically, looking around at the ship, and at the floor they were moving across.  He shook his head with wonder.  “Fairies,” he said.

Morrighan laughed that silvery laugh and they kept going for several minutes until the song finished after twenty-one minutes.  When that happened, she let him go mid-step as the music faded.  She, too, faded with the music, her laughter spreading into the wind as the men found themselves in the middle of their living room.

“Merry Christmas, my kinsman.  Until we meet again.”

Around them, the room was filled with presents both small and large, and through the front window of their living room, they saw something on the lawn that they hadn’t put there: an elaborate fire pit barbecue display.

“What the …” Jack said, and started for the door.  He then realized he was still dressed like a pirate.  He called out to the air, “Can I have my clothes back?”  There was more laughter and his clothes dissolved into the shirt and jeans he’d been wearing before her arrival.  “Well,” he said to his husbands with a huge eyeroll.  “At least she didn’t overdo it.”




After my current Epic-Fic is posted (in a few weeks), I’ll pick up where this leaves off and continue to work on Trilogy 15, entitled “Spell-Jacked.”


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Can’t wait! Have missed your writings.