Psychic Plot Bunny

Anyone ever get J/D/SGC plot bunnies from films they’re watching?
I was watching a film HBO did a long time ago, 1990, called “Fear”, starring Ally Sheedy as a psychic who helps police, and a murderer who’s also psychic comes after her.
And I got this plot bunny. It smacked me right in the head. *g*
How’s this sound:
Summary: Daniel has a habit. He shoots small doses of liquid THC into his body. It’s called skin-popping, and it’s usually done with uppers or heroin by addicts. But unlike everyone else, he doesn’t have an addiction. He’s incapable of having one. The reason he shoots THC is due to his psychic abilities and THC cancels out most of those abilities. He’s unable to block out his ability to read people and things completely, and it’s why he’s an excellent linguist. He’s had this habit for six years, but he’s been psychic all his life.
One day, Jack finds out what he does, and what he can do, because Daniel suddenly picks up a loud thought as he’s walking through a corridor at the SGC. It’s a man who’s plotting to kill Jack because Jack’s seen something he’s done, even if he doesn’t realize it. The man is a murderer.
Background plot is that Daniel can pick up interest from Jack, but he won’t do anything because he thinks it’s unfair of him to see this, so he leaves it up to Jack to start something, but for four years, the XO of the SGC had done nothing.
Notes: 1. Stargate program started in 2012, and he’s been using THC from the beginning. It’s now four years into the program. I’ve advanced the timeline to take advantage of THC tech. 2. XO stands for Executive Officer. Everyone in the fandom calls this position “2IC”, as in Second-in-Command. But no one realizes that it’s a British designation, not American. I’ve never bothered to correct this, but I’ve grown tired of being incorrect. *g*


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Sounds awesome love to read get writting girl ?❤️


Saw the movie years ago and thought it was interesting. Your premise sounds much more interesting. Good luck with your story and can’t wait to read it.