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March 23, 2018 / / Daniel/Jason/Jack
March 16, 2018 / / Art

I thought, “What would the glyphs look like if they had been made like the Stargate Atlantis glyphs?” So, I made them.  Used Photoshop and You’ll find them on…

February 28, 2018 / / Fandom
February 13, 2018 / / Fandom

For now, only the Prologue will be posted.  I will post the ten chapters when they are all completed.  Right now, I’m on Voyeur 7. (none are betaed at this…

February 7, 2018 / / Art

Am working on the redux of an old series called Voyeur.  Here’s a visual I made for it.

February 6, 2018 / / Fandom

New Wall

February 3, 2018 / / Fandom
February 1, 2018 / / Fandom

Just thought you should know.  It reads more smoothly now.  Sorry about that.

January 31, 2018 / / Fandom

Pulling Threads (AO3 Link) Summary:  Daniel’s place in the world seems to be going nowhere.  After what happened with The Others, sending him back, he’s got some thinking to do…

January 27, 2018 / / Daniel/Jason/Jack

I’ve finished my edit of Visits and it’s now uploaded here.  You can find it on the Index page and in the menu above.  Make sure you click on the…