New Fic: Mirror, Mirror 1

Mirror, Mirror J/D A/U 19,000 words Summary: Jack and Daniel live in a dystopian world controlled by the NID and a fascist government.  They have tried and failed to return to what was.  But ever since Thor’s ship was destroyed and the Russian’s got hold of the Alpha gate, things have never been the same.  Their lives are difficult, with Daniel forced offworld or kept under the thumb of the NID at Stargate Command, and Jack forced to be in command at Area 51.  But they have a plan to escape, to find a better world.  The only problem is surviving long enough to get there, and to make it work after they do. Housed Here Archive of our Own  

Introducing a New Series: Intervals Betwixt

Introducing “Intervals Betwixt“, a series based on “Intervals” and includes very short stories about the episodes I skipped over.  Above is the graphic for chapter 1, “Hammer & Nail”, based on Thor’s Hammer. This came about after I wrote Intervals 45.5, based on Lost City, which I skipped over.  A few readers asked that I include other stories I skipped over (for whatever reason and I can’t recall).  I’ll place 45.5 into this series when I reach that season.  I can’t do it now because it’ll be out of order, so until then, the story will be housed here. Hope you like them! 🙂