New Fic: Pulling Threads 1

Pulling Threads (AO3 Link) Summary:  Daniel’s place in the world seems to be going nowhere.  After what happened with The Others, sending him back, he’s got some thinking to do about what happens next.  Does he go to Atlantis, forget about Earth?  Or stay at the SGC in a role he’s not entirely sure is his.  Then Jack invites him to dinner and his future is changed forever. Note:  Post-Threads.  This is an AU that assumes the series ended after this episode.

Visits Redux

I’m working on Trilogy 15, plus a few ideas related to it.  I began to reread Visits in order to remind me of the sequence of events, but then I started editing.  I changed a few words.  Then I changed some dialogue.  Before long, I was rewriting scenes.  It was just little bits of rewording exposition or dialogue.  But then I began deleting sections and either rewriting them or creating new ones in their place. If you’re a fan of Visits, I’m really sorry, but as I grow (as I believe I grow), so must my favorite stories.  This’ll be the third revision.  Visits was originally written in 2002.  In 2005, I rewrote it.  A year later, I edited bits, but that wasn’t a revision.  Then in 2008 or 9, I forget, I edited a large part.  It wasn’t exactly a revision. This is a revision.  There are scenes I just plain thought didn’t belong or made no sense and they needed deleted.  For example, at the end of chapter 5, Daniel initiates sex with Jason after he comes home from the hospital.  That was unrealistic, and while that’s an irony, given that this is fiction, never mind science fiction, the sex needed to go.  There’s more than enough elsewhere. I’m leaving the old version up on AO3.  It’ll have links, however, to the revised version, which will be housed here.  I’m currently working on part 6 of 7.  It’ll probably be done tomorrow or Sunday.

New Series: Snap Shots

I’ve created a new series called Snap Shots.  It’s short story tidbits that are either taken from other series I’ve written or as new one-offs. Here: Snap Shots 1:  It Started With a Shower (AO3 link) Summary:  Daniel tells the story of how he started his relationship with the leader of SG-2. Series taken from: Trinity Universe, Visits Rated X and Snap Shots 2:  Shiny Objects (AO3 Link) Summary:  Talen gets distracted at the Mall. Series taken from:  Trinity Universe, Trilogy Rated G

New Fic: Fortune Favors The Bold

(AO3 Link) Fortune Favors The Bold (Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat) J/D A/U 26,000 wds Summary:  An alternate version of my fic, “The Other Side of Slave.”  Daniel has been kidnapped and held as a slave for eight months.  The only thing he dreams about, aside from telling Jack he loves him, is payback.  Lots and lots of payback.  But after he’s rescued, will anyone let him get it? Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence.  There are suggestions of rape but no rape (by slavers).  There is a story about a rape, but nothing current.

New Fic: Mirror Mirror: Reflections

Sequel to Mirror, Mirror. (AO3 link) Mirror, Mirror: Reflections (AO3 Link) 53,000 words A/U J/D SUMMARY: Something is wrong, and J/D need to find yet another reality.  It has its problems too, and nearly just as bad.  Daniel is forced to play into the hands of a psychopath in order to expose the Goa’uld infiltration of Earth. WARNING: Sexual Assault.  It is insidious. The victim thinks they want sex but they aren’t in their right mind. If they were, they would refuse.

A Word About Sexually Explicit Fics 4

A couple of ladies (I won’t use their names) have asked why I “have to” put sex in all fics, and write it so explicitly. Here’s the answer: I like writing it. I’m not doing this for readers alone.  I enjoy writing.  I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it, but then it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I don’t get a lot of feedback, and of the FB I get, there has never been a complaint about sex.  Although most people aren’t “confrontational” — aka, giving criticism.  Maybe it’s a fandom thing. So if the sex bothers you, you’ll find a lot of wonderful G-rated/PG-rated fics from other authors at Archive of Our Own.  Their search feature is excellent. 🙂