Jack & Daniel Wedding Effects Wallpapers

PLEASE FORGIVE THE LOAD TIME — images are large and I refused to sacrifice quality.

Description below galleries.  These are 2000 x 1269 pixels.  Right click on the image and click “view image”.  Then right click “save image as”, or “save link as”, whichever your browser uses.  This doesn’t apply with phones.

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I adore making graphics.  It fills the place I used to have painting and drawing (finances and arthritis have put an end to that).   I’ve invested (monthly) in Photoshop and they have something called “Actions”.  They record steps you take to modify pictures and create artwork, to name just two.  Many people use them to make shortcuts to a lot of monotonous “actions” (like resizing).  But others use them to create artistic creations.  I periodically buy a couple that I think are worth it.  Above is an example of an Art Action that I really like.  It’s called Perfectum.  I’ve used it on other photos and decided to do one for J/D.  I chose the wedding pic.

It’s an MGM pic taken from that hideous episode, “200” where Vala put forth the fan favorite from “fanfiction” idea that had Jack and Sam getting married.  The redeeming element in that scene was Daniel, Sam, and Cam all going “NO!” at the same time.  You can find it at RDAnderson.com, among many other SG-1 pics.

Now, the other fan favorite is the Slash version, where Jack and Daniel are getting married.  It’d have been cooler if Vala had gone with that version, but given the homophobia of the writers and producers, they’d have turned it into a negative (like they did with Alternate Jack in Moebius) instead of having fun with it.  RDA did the latter during shooting, where he took Michael’s hand instead of Amanda’s and the crew erupted in applause.  I think that’s when MGM took this photo–even though they’re not holding hands.