Intervals Betwixt

This is a series of stories that I didn’t include in the canon-based episodic series, Intervals (housed here at Archive of our Own).

Series Summary:  The post-episode dramas and sexual intimacies in the relationship between Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson.

They are written in no particular order.


Invervals Betwixt 1 — Thor’s Hammer, Hammer & Nail

Daniel agonizes over his decision to disable the Hammer and thus destroy the hope of getting Shau’re back.


Invervals Betwixt 2 — The Torment of Tantalus, The Torment of Jackson

Jack agonizes over Daniel’s desperate desire to remain at Heliopolis–and in so doing, leave Jack.


Intervals Betwixt 3 — Lost City, Dear Jack

Daniel agonizes over Jack’s semi loss.  He’s not dead, but trapped in stasis so he wouldn’t die.  He decides that like what Jack did, he’d write him letters.


Intervals Betwixt 4 — Solitudes, The Play’s the Thing

Jack is so nervous about being on the receiving end that it inadvertently causes their first foray into playing pretend.