Housing F-UP so $$ Help???

It seems that my landlord hasn’t been getting payments from HUD Section 8 for the last YEAR.

It all had to do with a) not getting reinspected by the HUD inspector, and b) not knowing how to fill out paperwork on what HUD owes him.

So as a result, I technically owe what HUD has failed to pay the landlord for the last year.

That’s 49% of my rent.

My income won’t get adjusted to help with that.

Can anyone help out for December/January/February?  You can consider it a holiday or birthday present, if that helps?

I know that this is a rotten time to be asking for help.  The economy sucks, we’re being ruled by the corrupt rich, and our lives are on the line thanks to their inaction on climate change.

And yet, people seem to get help from unexpected sources, and my request (for any $, no matter how small) is pittance and unworthy compared to people much more in need.  That said, if you can help, I’d appreciate it.