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I’ve been lagging in my writing. So I’ve been playing solitaire and match-3 games. The latest is a series called Jewel Match, and specifically, Jewel Match Royale and Jewel Match Solitaire.

Found this one, Jewel Match Twilight (I didn’t know it was inspired by the Twilight books, or I might have skipped it. The Twilight books are ***hideously*** written, with an enormous stupidity about vampires. I mean, sparkles? Come on now.

Anyways, I love vamps in general, and I love my own creation, thought up in the Trinity Universe series, Trinity, and then continued in its follow-up, Trilogy.

I created a vampire family, and they’re not “undead” creatures. They’re a race called the Var’chol’si (vair coal sigh) and the lead vamp is named Adriann. I went through this naming thing where I just typed out names. For him, I began with Aridan, Addrain, Adrain, then Adrian, then finally Adriann. He has a sister, Talenn, then I changed it to Talen simply because I forgot how I spelled her name.

The Var’chol’si are very tall, with very long hair, either black or brownish auburn, but Adriann’s hair is a dark honey blond. All Var’chol’si have medium grey eyes, which are large and expressive. They have Patrician features, which means angular faces with high, sharp cheekbones, sharply defined noses, and curved, bow-like mouths.

Adriann is their leader. He’s 400 years old. There aren’t many Var’chol’si because their race went through a plague. A kind of infection where their blood was infected by the bite of an animal called Borcha (if memory serves, but that might be wrong and I’m too lazy to go look it up in my alien file), which look like werewolf beasts similar to the one in “An American Werewolf in London”. They’re nocturnal, and they abhor sunlight. They can come out during the day only when the sky is darkened by storms.

The Borcha have basically forced the Var’chol’si to stay inside their castle or behind the fence that surrounds their castle. Once the sky darkens or the sun sets, they have to get indoors.

The Vampire’s infection by the Borcha has limited their ability to breed, so there are only about 30 of them left. They are long-lived, so they don’t breed that much anyway, but because of the infection, their normal powers–superhuman abilities–have curtailed their ability to defend themselves properly. After the Borcha infected them through an infection they developed and then spread through an initial bite, their race died out–apart from the 30 who survived.

The Var’chol’si are telepathic, super-strong, and they have the ability to sort of fly-hover when needed, but in a limited basis.

The vampires have a servant race called the Brethren, and they serve the vampires. They too suffered from the infection, but their numbers rank about 200 compared to the vampires. They’re much shorter, averaging about 5’2″ to 5’6″, and they have dark hair and golden eyes.

The vampires have gathered in Adriann’s ancestral home–a castle with a fence that surrounds the property–and it sits about 1/4 mile from the stargate. The castle is black with sharp spires and a gothic design.

BUT. I found this castle design in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire that I absolutely adore and have decided that this is the one that best matches where Adriann and his kin live, along with the Brethren, who live in underground homes.

So here, now, is their new home, and the rest of the planet has many castles, as well, but they’re designed differently. Lovely, isn’t it?

Adriann's Castle


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Great picture! Glad to see you back, have missed your voice.