Graphic for New Fic (currently writing)

So I’ve been working on this new fic, entitled “Acts of Vengeance”. It’s an alternate version of an old fic called “The Evil Side of Slave”. I’d reread it a few weeks back and decided it needed a rewrite but I didn’t want to remove the old one, so an alternative version was called for.
While considering the next scene, I stopped to make a graphic in PS, using a watercolor mess I created in Painter.
(and can I interrupt my post for a sec and complain about using an F’ing brace on my left hand while trying to type? Grrr)
Anyways, I made a jpeg of my graphic and threw it into Filter Forge for a blood effect. It fits the fic plot. I may change it all later, but I like the current result. So now I’m asking for opinions.  Doesn’t mean I’ll change anything. :-p  I’d just like opinions.
This is the beginning.  The watercolor image I created in Painter was adjusted with a watercolor filter in PS to give it an edgier look.
This is the filtered version after applying a bloodletting effect in Filter Forge.
I realize that it’s been all covered up, but the premise of the fic is about slavery and brutality, so it needed nastiness.