One upon a time, about 1999, I went online to search for a stargate glyph font so I could use it in my wallpapers.  I found one, but the glyphs barely resembled the gate/DHD glyphs.  They were, quite frankly, a bloody mess of scrambled pixels.  So I grabbed High-Logic’s Font Creator and went to work creating the font, using the shoddy font as a base file on where to place my own bitmaps.  Later, I redid the font as a new one, trashing the old base.  This is the font I came up with.  It’s free to use for personal and commercial work.  I would appreciate a credit and please don’t claim it as your own or sell it — the glyphs are copyrighted by MGM/Sony and if you try to make money off something that belongs to them, you’ll get your ass in legal trouble. (and frankly, the person who created the glyphs in the first place, via the original Stargate film, should get the credit, but the corporate shits who were in charge refused to do so)


Regular Glyphs:

Download zip file:  Stargate SG-1 Glyph Font

NOTE:  The glyph for the lowercase n is for Abydos.



Dot Glyphs:

Download zip file:  Stargate SG-1 Glyphs Dot Form

Inspired by the Stargate Atlantis glyph format