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Daniel and Jack have broken up, gone through trials, angsts, and therapy, and eventually get back together.

This series is also housed at Archive of our Own, here.


Intervals Betwixt

The pre, post, or missing scene dramas and sexual relationship of Jack and Daniel.  These are episodes I skipped over in the “Intervals” series.

This series is also housed at Archive of our Own, here.


The Trinity Universe

The universe is about a poly relationship involving Daniel Jackson, Jason Coburn, and Jack O’Neill.  The series begins after the events in season 5’s “Last Stand”, then it departs canon and enters AU (Alternate Universe, a term depicting a departure from canon).

Jason Coburn is an OC I created from a short stint by a two-episode character (Maternal Instinct, The First Ones) named Major Coburn, played by Steve Bacic. His story begins with Daniel in the first series of the Trinity Universe, Visits.


Visits is about the friendship between Daniel Jackson and Jason Coburn, which turns romantic in Visits 1.


Trinity is about the romantic poly relationship between Daniel, Jack, and Jason.  There are occasional sexual relationships with others outside this central dynamic.


Trilogy is the continuation.  I basically started over after 30 chapters of Trinity, marked in Roman numerals as XXX.



Intervals is the post-episodic dramas and sexual liaisons of Daniel and Jack, starting with Broca Divide and ending after the Series’ Finale, Unending. Most are rated NC-17 for graphic sex and language.



As the title suggests.  These are extremely short stories that involve nothing but sex.


Deep Recesses

A two-part story about what happens after the events in season 4’s “The Light”.


Snap Shots

Short stories


Mirror Mirror

2-part story about Jack and Daniel leaving their universe for a better one.  “Mirror, Mirror” is one universe. “Mirror, Mirror: Reflections” is the second.





A Little Quiet Time – A local brew helps break down barriers.

A Measure of Release – After the scare from Ba’al, Daniel gives himself over to Jack for the special stress relief they both need.  A BDSM fic.

Ages and Ambushes – For Daniel, the SGC has lost its shine. When he contemplates resigning, he finds out that Jack isn’t quite ready to let him go.

Alone, He Learns – A melancholy look at the history of Daniel’s life.

Amor Silvarum – A little trauma is good for honesty.

Another View – Carlin’s actions leave Daniel with one hell of a mess to clean up.  Or not. (An alternate view of what happened during and afterseason 4’s “Beneath the Surface”)

Bastards – After season 8’s episode “Zero Hour”, what happened to Camulus after he was sent through the gate to Ba’al?

Black – Jack’s trapped in a closet with the lights out.

Circumstances – An offworld ritual brings the boys together.

Cursed Be (pronounced Curs-Ed) – After an offworld attack, Daniel changes.

Does it Count When You’re Drunk? – Does it?

The Evil Side of Slave – After 8 months, it’s Daniel’s last day in hell.

Embers In Ash – A little radiation sickness cures what ails Jack and Daniel.

Force of Habit – Daniel’s first Christmas since his de-Ascension.

Fortune Favors the Bold – Daniel’s been a slave for 8 months. After being rescued, will he be allowed revenge?

Gestures – Season 9 time-frame. Jack’s surprise visit to the SGC gets him more than he, or Daniel, ever expected.

Halloween Coffee – Jack brings Daniel coffee.

I Walk Alone … No More – Daniel finds love in another universe.  A Quantum Mirror story.

Intensity – On that Utopian moon, it wasn’t Harry who was trapped with Jack. It was Daniel. (an AU of season 6’s “Paradise Lost”, which assumes that Daniel never died/ascended)

It Ain’t That Bad – Sam feels guilty about her behavior as “Thera”. (a “Beneath the Surface” story)

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night – Al fresco sex for a J/D hot-a-thon.

Maybe I’m Amazed – A trip to Jack’s cabin brings enlightenment.

Mood – films affect you.  Rare G-rated no-sex fic.

Out of Darkness – It’s the aftermath of Hathor, thru other stressors, for a year and a half.

Pornograph – Sam has a dream that Janet takes advantage of. (F/F)

Pulling Threads – Daniel has an awakening from Jack.

Remembering You – What does Daniel remember and why is it so important? (season 7’s post-Homecoming)

Sam I Am – Sam comes to a decision.

Second Wind – Jack’s in mourning after Daniel’s death, but he comes across an alternate Daniel Jackson who’s dirty and abused and broken.

SG-1’s Alternate Episode Endings – I love SG-1. Love the main characters. Unfortunately, there’ve been times where I wanted to kill them. But it wasn’t their fault. There have been some horrible ideas and executions on the part of the Stargate SG-1 writers, directors, and producers (aka, TPTB). The only explanation is that they were possessed by Pod People. While there are episodes that I’d like to rewrite entirely, that’s too long a job for the moment. For now, here are the endings I think should have happened, if only to make up for the crap that went before. (Not all are Slashy) This “fic” sort of ties into SG-1 Alternate Episode Titles.

The Time Has Come – Daniel realizes he’s bisexual after coming back from the dead.

Unmasked – After a brief mutual attraction confession between Daniel and Jack, Daniel goes to Atlantis and has no intention of ever coming home. Jack makes a trip to Atlantis to change his mind.

Valentine – A valentine misunderstanding.

Would You – A sappy first-time love story.


That’s it so far.