Editing and Revising The Trinity Universe

I was writing up a series outline for the Trinity Universe.  Making notes of any important events or items during each chapter.  When a character is introduced.  When Jason gave his lovers rings.  That sort of thing.

As I went along, however, I grew annoyed.  There are too many chapters that are what I call, “Throwaways”.  They’re pointless and IMO, need to be deleted.  Nothing special or significant happens in them.  I’ve gotten kudos on these chapters, so I won’t be deleting them on AO3.


If I put the universe on my website, it’ll be a revised version of it.  Visits stays the same.  The entirety is character building.  Trinity 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are also the same, although chapters 3 and 4 need to be rewritten (doing that now) and a lot of the nonsensical sex play removed.  It makes no sense to me.  It’s written as it is because I simply wanted a bunch of fanfic porn for my boyz.

So here’s a list of what would change:

  1. The throwaway chapters get deleted.
  2. Trinity’s Latin numbering system will be replaced with standard numbers.
  3. Multi-chapter stories would be consolidated into one long chapter with section links at the top to indicate what’s in the chapter.

And here’s the Outline of the universe, with note summaries.  Where it says REWRITE, it sometimes just means it needs a good edit.


Start:  July 2002.  Season 5, just after Last Stand, with that timeline altered.  They didn’t help the Tok’ra move until Trinity III.

Visits 1 – Jason introduces himself; has sister, Lysa (Lisa).

Visits 2 – Daniel/Jason go to dinner at Chinese restaurant and Jack sees them.

Visits 3 – Jack comes by to see Daniel, makes him mad. Daniel tells him he has to earn trust back.

Visits 5 – Jason’s injured after a tussle with Makepeace.  Daniel tells Sam and Teal’c about him and Jason.


Trinity I – Daniel’s birthday.  He’s 37.  They go out to a restaurant and lounge.  After a dance with Janet, when she tells him that she sees there’s something more between him and Daniel and Jason, Jack tells Sam and Teal’c about their 3-way relationship.

Trinity II – Jack and Jason have sex after an injured Daniel tells them to either enjoy each other or this 3-way thing is over.  Daniel’s ankle is broken.  Needs six weeks to heal.

NOTE:  Visits and chapters 1 and 2 of Trinity have already been rewritten/edited.

Trinity III-IV – D/J kidnap Jason for his birthday and take him to the cabin for elaborate role play.

  1. The next day after T2.
  2. 5 Weeks Later. SG-1 and 2, w/o Daniel, help the Tok’ra move from Ravenna to _____________.  Daniel is worried.
  3. Jason’s birthday is August 20th, 1962. He’s 40.
  4. Daniel and Jack meet Jason’s sister and nephew.

Trinity IV – Near the End.  At the cabin, Jason sees how Daniel and Jack are together and decides they’re better off without him.  Daniel finds out and decks Jason.  Keep.


Trinity V – Jason finds out that someone’s going to try and kill Jack.  He gets gravely injured in the process of stopping it.  REWRITE BITS.

Trinity VI – Thor beams the three men up to his ship, heals Jason.  He wants their help in taking down a spastic Goa’uld.  REWRITE ENTIRE THING.  BEGINNING IS OKAY BUT THE REST IS STUPID.

Trinity VII – Daniel has to show that there are different types of Alpha Male.  REWRITE or DELETE.

Trinity VIII – It’s the anniversary of Sha’re’s death and Daniel is in mourning.  Meanwhile, Jason talks about his Navajo heritage.  He reveals that his boyfriend, at 16, was beaten to death by homophobes.  To escape his grief, and the phobes, he joined the Air Force at 18.  (He can technically retire, like Jack.)

Trinity IX-XI – The boys go to New Mexico and visit Lin, Jason’s grandfather.  They find that there’s a connection between Lin, Anasazi, and the alien natives offworld, and he can translate for them. Lin ends up staying with their alien relatives.  CONSOLIDATE VIII AND IX-XI.

Trinity XII-XIII – Christmas, and the SGC charity ball is a masquerade.  Jason gives his lovers matching rings for Christmas.  REWRITE.  CONSOLIDATE.

Trinity XIV – Jason tells stories while they’re locked up at the mountain.  A throwaway chapter.  DELETE.

Trinity XV – The teams are trapped by a bunch of giant spiders, but they get away.  Following this event, their next mission brings them to Var’chol’si, a planet that’s home to a race of telepathic vampires.  REWRITE.

Trinity XVI-XIX – Continuing the saga of the vampires.  REWRITE.


Trinity XX – SG-1 is declared MIA and after six months of no contact, Jason self-destructs, then resigns and moves to the planet of the Dine to be with his grandfather.  When SG-1 and Jacob return, the boyz go after Jason to bring him home.  There’s weird sex stuff that needs to be deleted or rewritten.

Trinity XXI – Jason’s PTSD over thinking his lovers were dead magnifies his fear of abandonment.  REWRITE.

Trinity XXII-XXIII – Adriann visits the SGC, then goes on a mission and finds a mutant Var’chol’si acting like “Nosferatu”.  CONSOLIDATE AND REWRITE.

Trinity XXIV – Throwaway chapter.  SGC BBQ at Hammond’s.  DELETE.

Trinity XXV – Quantum Mirror.  DELETE.

Trinity XXVI – Throwaway chapter.  Gotham fanfic.  DELETE.

Trinity XXVII – Ignis Fatuus – The teams run into a ghost while searching for a medallion.  REWRITE OR DELETE.

Trinity XXVIII – Janet cures the Var’chol’si, and they thank everyone with sex.  Partial throwaway chapter.  REWRITE.

Trinity XXIX – SG-2 gets two new team members.  A Russian woman and a throwaway man.  Al and Connor come back later.  Meanwhile, SG-1/2 meets an Ancient named Eros.  REWRITE AND DELETE NEW CHARACTERS.  REMOVING AL AND CONNOR WAS STUPID.

Trinity XXX – D/J/J go on leave to an Hawaiian island and Alex comes with.  Smut.  Throwaway chapter.  DELETE.

After consolidation, rewrite, and deletion, there will be only 17 chapters.


Trilogy 1 – SG-1/2 is kidnapped by Baal for sex.  REWRITE.

Trilogy 2 – Baal introduces Camulus, Jason’s twin.  Adriann shows up.  REWRITE.

Trilogy 3 — The teams and Adriann examine the fortress while they find out that Baal’s captive Camulus is actually a Tok’ra spy, and his host is Jalen, a twin of Jason’s from a parallel universe.  REWRITE.

Trilogy 4 – Eros arrives and he and Jack hookup, then Eros and Adriann(delete).  The Tok’ra discover a traitor, and Camulus dies, saving Jalen.  The Tok’ra and the Var’chol’si take charge of Bel’a’lat, the Ancients’ fortress.  REWRITE.  MAKE NOTE OF PLANET NAME AND STICK TO ONE GODDAMN SPELLING.


Trilogy 5 – Jason gets a Raven tattoo over his heart from his grandfather Lin.  REWRITE/EDIT.

Trilogy 6 – Jalen visits earth during Halloween.  Throwaway chapter.  DELETE.

Trilogy 7 – Adriann’s planet, and Jalen is bitten by a beast.  Daniel gets a tattoo and special empathic powers from Adriann in ritualized sex.  REWRITE.

Trilogy 8 – Stuart from Britain joins SG-1 for a bit.  Jack is kidnapped by an old foe.  REWRITE.  MASSIVELY.  REMOVE STUART.

Trilogy 9 – Christmas.  Adriann/Jalen/Talen visit. DELETE.

Trilogy 10 – Daniel’s kidnapped and taken to another universe where he has sex with a man.  Whoop-dee-do.  All this means is that Daniel has sex with other people, including a nasty Jack copy.  **REWRITE** so it makes fucking sense.

Trilogy 11 – Daniel/Jack/Jason are stranded offworld after a volcanic eruption cuts off the gate.  It takes a month for the SGC to come get them.  So it’s sort of survival training and camping rolled into one.  MASSIVE REWRITE.  SOME ASPECTS ARE STUPID.

Trilogy 12 – Jack’s birthday is on the Winter Solstice.  But they spend that time investigating a weird and abandoned Goa’uld planet that ties into Trilogy 13.  REWRITE.  SOME ASPECTS ARE STUPID.

Trilogy 13 – Faeries are the Furling.  The Tuatha de Denann.  They are led by Morrighan, a goddess.  Her husband/partner Dian Cecht is a healer, and he performs rituals on Teal’c, Daniel, and Jason.  Then conducts a ceremony called Orchid that gradually makes everyone younger by fifteen years.  It’s a way for me to cheat time and make the boys as hot as ever.

Trilogy 14 – SGC thinks they have a new ally, but it’s just Adriann playing pirate.  SG1/2 and the Pirates go after a Goa’uld named Set.  Jack is almost snaked but Morrighan becomes a Deus Ex Machina.  Set escapes, kidnaps Daniel.  After it’s all done, Morrighan gives them a ship.  Someone unknown arrives at the SGC.  Azadriel, brother of Adriann, long lost.  Now half a wolf.  He’s taken away on Adriann’s ship.  Dumbass.  REWRITE ENDING.




Trilogy 15(10, after revisions and deletions) – Title:  Spell-Jacked.
Christmas/After New Years.  Morrighan gives the boys presents, then leaves.  One present has a new communication device that can send messages like cosmic email between Jack and Morrighan.  In another present, there’s a spell that gives Jack’s prescient powers during life-threatening situations.  The spell also gives him increased strength.  They go with the Tok’ra to rescue some humanoids before they’re wiped out by the Kali/Baal war.  Jack uses his super strength.















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What a massive undertaking! Can’t wait to read it once again. Good luck.