Chrysalis Series


Pairing:  Jack/Daniel

Rating:  From G to X.

Chapters:  10, planned.

Series Short Summary: Daniel and Jack go through a rough period before committing to each other for good.

Series Full Summary:

Not long after Season 3’s “Forever and a Day”, Daniel and Jack get together in an intimate romantic relationship.  But after Jack returns from blowing up Thor’s Ship, in Season 4’s “Small Victories”, Jack’s behavior has changed toward him.  He’s giving all of his attention to Sam and his behavior is snippy, condescending, disrespectful, and hostile.  He ends their relationship.  Daniel has no idea what’s gotten into him and he’s more than happy to ascend, once Oma convinces him that he’s worth it.

During Season 7’s “Fallen” and “Homecoming”, Daniel begins to remember his old life and he’s not happy with it.  His opinion about his life has changed.  He goes to Hammond and gives him a written request for transfer to an archaeological team.  Hammond wants to know why.  Daniel tells him that since returning from ascension, he’s developed a keener sense of priorities.  He will no longer put up with the disrespect from Colonel Jack O’Neill, and he’s basing this behavior on the past as well as the present.  Hammond wants more, so Daniel recites a list of examples (unsaid in story since canon episodes speak for themselves).

Hammond decides to sit on the request in order to force Daniel to reconsider, to give him time to properly evaluate his decision.  But by “Death Knell”, Daniel has had enough and he’s about to go to Hammond for a decision when Hammond tells him his request is granted.  Meanwhile, Hammond puts SG-1 on downtime and orders Sam to go on leave after her ordeal and orders Jack to see the new base psychoanalyst.

Revelations develop after that and eventually, through rough patches small and large, Daniel and Jack find their way back to each other.

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Chrysalis 1: Catalyst

Chrysalis 2: Jack of Diamonds

Chrysalis 3: Force Majeure

Chrysalis 4: Together We

Chrysalis 5: Sacrifice (in progress)

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Chrysalis 7

Chrysalis 8

Chrysalis 9

Chrysalis 10