Assistance Please

I received $705 instead of $750 for my SSI.  I finally got a hold of my case manager and someone at Social Security said it was an error, which I was thankful for, so I should get $750 for December.

Problem.  I’m short for food.  A girlfriend gave me $50, but since I didn’t know I was going to be short, I went ahead and bought some antivirus software and two other pieces of art software.

I didn’t mention this on FB b/c I feel extremely stupid for not waiting until the 1st and checking my bank account–which I could have then cancelled subscriptions I have (Netflix, other stuff) and that would have netted me $50 more for food.

POINT: If anyone can help with food money, I’d appreciate it.

Now, I won’t spend it on alcohol, and the guarantee is that the grocery delivery service I use, Instacart, (b/c I don’t have a car) doesn’t deliver alcoholic products.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated ($15, 20, etc).  You just click on the Paypal link on the menu, type in the amount, and follow the instructions.

I’m serious.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated. 🙂