Will be having surgery on my left wrist on the 16th, so no writing, drawing, etc., for about three weeks.  It’s not that anyone would notice since I tend to do a lot of it behind the scenes. Sigh. I’m going to go insane so I’m d/l movies and series so I’ll have something to do.

Have Added A Few Pages

First, the Fiction page, located at the top menu and in the featured page link above.  Fiction is linked to the pages at Archive of Our Own. Second, the Font page, located in the same, for anyone who wishes to use my Stargate glyph font.

SG-1 Episode Titles Revised

I was going through my episodes on my external h/d, deciding on which ones to watch, when I became annoyed at the sight of some of them.  So, I decided to do my own revisionist history on what the episodes would be like had I been in charge.  A thoroughly egotistical exercise. 🙂  Here’s the link, but it’s also on the top menu. Stargate SG-1 Alternate Episode Titles

Emergency Request Explanations and Why the Content is Gone

Reposting from my Opinionpill blog to further explain why I was asking for help. Now, the reason for deleting everything here:  I get many visitors/readers here.  They all seem to enjoy my fic.  But not once have I received a comment or a like, never mind a Contact Me notice regarding the fic, the wallpapers, the art, the font.  Not. Once.  This particular website, a WordPress site hosted by GoDaddy, has been online for about 2 1/2 years and in all that time, I’ve had over 20,000 story reads.  And not once have I gotten feedback. Now, I understand the […]

HELP! I need donations!

Hi all.  Merry Christmas! I fell prey to a scam. I thought I was getting a “job” as a “Mystery Shopper” and I received a check, which I deposited.  I was to examine Western Union.  Well, six days later, my bank has rejected the deposit–and I’d already spent my “fee” of $250!  Now I’m in the hole.  I can’t pay my website bill! Is there anyone out there who can help?  If so, could you send anything you can to paypal at